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To integrate events and social media to generate business

To integrate events and social media to generate business

If digital is a threat to the physical experience of a few years ago, they complement each other now. To take better advantage of the landscape of this innovative data analysis, in-depth Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle experience and enhanced growth opportunities, marketing activation were on their way to becoming fully physical and digital at the same time.

In other words, they incorporate best practices and optimization of digital transformation and in-person experience.

What live events and social media in the core of the marketing strategy for 2020?
Social media and events

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Apart from the products on display, event planning is a key strategy to position the brand and the customer at the center of their business, providing an environment that is conducive to interaction.

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After all, in times of crisis or prosperity, people will still have basic needs to meet and share experiences – and these experiences should be turned into a business opportunity.

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At each stage of an event, social media is a great relief. Event Company in the latest trends for the 2020 report, for example, 88% of event planners confirmed using social media in their marketing events to raise awareness about their events.

During the experience, 52% of the incident has been involved in social media several times throughout the day.

On top of this, 60% of marketers agree that extend beyond the life experience of an event is very important for the success of their strategy.

Gen Z: a ​​new generation of consumers with no previous habits
2020 will be about Gen Z. They are on their way to become the largest, most educated and powerful financial generations of all time. Gen zers motivated, socially conscious and individualistic.

They are the first mobile phone and expecting unlimited information and entertainment at their fingertips. Direct access to the world from an entirely on-demand, Gen zers used for speed and accessibility.

For the media, this means 24/7 news, created for the best mobile experience. For brands, it means telling authentic Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle and meaningful relationships that resonate with the values ​​and audience perspective.

For advertising, Generation Z will seek a profound experiences – something which provides the utility and entertainment. From saving money to choose their own adventure, Gen Z expects advertisers to respect their time with something of value.