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Having a website is essential for all businesses aiming to succeed online. Your website design is another element that needs to be optimized by the site developer San Francisco, appears at the top of the SERP. SEO is optimizing your site rank higher on search engine Digital Marketing Company Newcastle pages. If your home business, which means your website will not get visible at the top of the SERP, then potential customers or existing ones you will not be able to find you online. For better results, you need to get your business website designed by San Francisco website design company with complete SEO strategy in place.

Your website design is also directly impact your user experience that is essential to good SEO practice. A web site design services  building a basic site structure, specific to how search engines understand and crawl websites. Therefore, this will make the web page easier to get seen by the search engines.

In this blog, the San Francisco developer of the site has been registered principles of website design and SEO that every business should incorporate in their business. This will make the website more search and user-friendly.

1.Informative architecture and site structure

One of the most important sites feature San Francisco design company is to have a structure must enter a website that is well designed and the architecture. Your website is the basic architecture of your website. A layout is clean and responsive website will attract potential viewers on your website and also build a great UI experience. SEO you can get hurt because the highest bounce rate.

2.Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Design

Mobile friendly and responsive design website plays an important role when it comes to building the user experience and attract potential customers. If your website has an opening in the ability of any device and can run smoothly, then the chances of getting leads higher than ever.


usefulness bad leads to a poor user experience. good usability of your website helps you to retain users on your website for a long time, so the main conversion, such as ordering the service or buy your product.

Factors you need to consider to build a website that is user-friendly:

visual hierarchy

The page layout

site navigation

contact form

search the site

Clear and consistent call to action (CTA)

website design 4.Readable Many people do not realize that the content on their business website plays an important Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle role in building the user experience. Poor web design results in a negative impression on the reader.