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How (and Why) Conducting an Effective Blog Post Audit

How (and Why) Conducting an Effective Blog Post Audit

Do you put a lot of time and energy (and possibly money) to write your blog posts?

If you use content marketing as Digital Marketing Company Newcastle an important part of your marketing strategy, there is a good chance that you have answered “yes.” It is important, therefore, to make sure that you write your blog posts are working for you.

That where the blog post audit comes in.

On Grain single, we’re all about ROI, and we want to help you ensure that you get the greatest return on your efforts may blogging. We will take you step by step through the process of auditing the blog posts that we use to maximize your success on our own content.

This process can be long and tedious bit, but stick with us: We promise deserves it!


Difference Between Content and Blog Post Audit Audit

Quality of content

Headline / Title


The visual


overall Quality


Conclusions and CTA

long Post

The Breadth of Topics

visitor connection

Social Media Icons

Social Sharing Tool

email subscriptions

The structure of the site


SEO post

Category Page Optimization

Accessibility Search Engines

The meta description

Title Tag

Alt Text for Images

Tracking metrics

Monetization Strategies Offered

Objectives and Channels Settings

Feedback collected

split Testing

Blog Success Install Audit

Difference Between Content and Blog Post Audit Audit

Blog post audit is different from the site audit and audit of content marketing:

A review of performance content inspection of your blog posts and how effective your overall content strategy in driving leads or sales. (If this is what you’re looking for, check out Step-by-Step Guide for Conducting Audit Content.)

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A blog post audit, on the other hand, looks at the implementation of each blog post. Is weak headlines? The structure is sound? Is there enough in the post CTA about action?

While the audit blog posts can be an extension of the marketing audit content, it is best to do it separately. This will give you the best chance of getting the look-great pictures and see how each individual fits the puzzle pieces into place.

When you consider that more than 4 million blog posts published every day, it is easy to see why each and every aspect of every blog post that need to be optimized is perfect to get you the results you want.

Let get started.

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Quality of content

The first thing I look at is the quality of the content, because if you do not give your readers something of value (whether it is educational or entertaining), nothing else will matter. Blogging is a very personal medium, text-based, and to be successful, must provide content that is informative and interesting, standing out from other posts in the niche.

In order to evaluate objectively the quality of blog content, you need to look at a number of different factors.

1) Headline / Title

Blog post audit is very important because this seemingly small details can make a world of difference. It will Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle not matter if you have very good content strategy, for example, because if your title is weak, the game was over even before you start.