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The number of students enrolled in education in the higher worldwide is expected to reach nearly 300 million by 2025.
With 29 percent of the Indian population between the presence of 0-14 now offers a great opportunity the Indian education sector. The higher the education segment is expected to increase to Rs 2,44,824 crore (US $ 35.03 billion) in 2025. The educational Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle institutions know that to stand out among the crowd they needed both online and offline marketing.

Why digital marketing strategies for higher education is important?
More than ever in today’s time the internet has become the main source for people to search for any information.

Community college students take a huge chunk of people who use the internet every day. The Internet is a ‘must’ place for everyone, especially students, to find more information on relevant topics, subjects, syllabus, assignments and to connect with the brand. It is also the only way that some would prefer to know about courses, colleges, the admissions process, infrastructure of the college, the college rankings, cost structure, placement record and everything else associated with the institution. Parents and carers are doing the main quest through the net before possible consultation with someone or make a visit to the premises.

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Complete information about an educational institution including a virtual tour can be easily delivered over the internet. Parents and carers assess school or college based on its web site, sign-in online and online presence. digital marketing for education gradually took on more traditional marketing.

The competition has been high in higher education and every college or university that is looking out for a different tactic to showcase their program offerings and how best they can provide education that is too deep pocket friendly budget.

To build an online presence, digital marketing is one of the most helpful tools. It creates awareness, helps in branding, and establish online credibility of this educational institution. The most basic advantage is of a planned digital marketing strategy is –

Brand awareness
On this day the value date of brand speak. So, in order to compete with other educational institutions, one needs to create hype for their own brand and make it look the best on the market by all means. Online worldwide, mainly so that the younger generation of parents and students so why not utilize them where they are. And that’s what a good digital marketing strategy will do, target the right audience at the right time and create brand awareness.
course offerings
After branding taken care of, it is time for an institution to elaborate on ideas about the curriculum and extracurricular activities before students. And what better way to present the same rather than create easily searchable on the website. Even more striking is that more line marketing message will be spread among the student community which in turn will assist educational institutions in a way that is much greater.
Credibility and Authenticity
You will believe an agency that is not overlooked or online presence? Site, pictures, videos, social media presence, live video, review and third party content builds credibility. People know that you are there, and you’re authentic. Publishing press releases, news bulletins and relevant information on a regular institution on the internet helps further establish authenticity.
Access to the Target Audience with Social Media
Social Media is one of the most integral part of the whole process. A good social media strategy can help registration drives. Many global educators already put the best social media tactics in use to do it. With more and more prospective students are using social Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle media to research universities and institutions of education providers can press and communicate with students with much ease before the call or visit the campus.