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5 Ways to improve your networking skills

ways to improve your networking skills

Best connections come from the original relationship, not a card exchange. If you are not authentic, people will soon see straight through you and be interested. Approaching people as Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle potential friends, rather than business connections to help with this. When networking, you want quality over quantity – make genuine connections is far more important than having an endless list of contacts who will not remember who you are when you reach them.

Do not make it all about you

While you want to show that you have a great ability, you obviously want to make this connection because of the people you talk to are important in your industry or field. Do not spend the whole time rambling about yourself and not using your time wisely by giving your full attention, asked insightful questions and show your interest in their answers. While you do not want to spend a lot of Time on yourself, you must have a personal elevator pitch prepared on how you can help others. field should be short, simple and attracted the attention of the person you spoke with.

Spend your time wisely

While it is easy to fall into the trap of wandering people you already know, do not spend too much of your time here. You’re there to make new connections, that will not happen unless you make the effort to talk to new people.

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It’s not about the value of keeping

We would like to emphasize the importance of quality over quantity again here. Hiding your contacts from other people will not do anything other than damage your own reputation. A good way to build more connections is to introduce people who can benefit from each other, chances are they know someone who you have to talk to as well, and would be grateful for your recognition. This is a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ situation and can work in your favor. Linking show others that you appreciate the importance of collaboration in your field, and show that you are not just in it for themselves.


Let’s first clear: follow-up should you ask for something. The network must be about giving, not taking. What do we mean by a follow-up is to just check with them, see how they are doing, thanking them for their time when you speak then. It’s all about showing them that you really care about them to improve the relationship.

Do not forget the power of social media in the network. LinkedIn is very useful for building your professional network. Mix-face and online networking should provide you with what you need.

Wild and Free Media, we are all about building client relationships. We know the importance of holding strengthen our clients’ brands and their private ones as well. So, be ready to step out of your Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle comfort zone. Sincere, show interest and listen to the person you are talking to. By showing genuine interest in you, you’ll make friends, not just business contacts, which is the best mindset to have when networking.