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Why Is It Important To Talk To Astrologer For Checking Compatibility Before Marriage?

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Why Best Astrologer in Gujarat Has an Important Role in Indian Marriages?

You might have heard everyone saying that “Astrology is a Scietnce”. Do you know what it means? It simply means that every second of the time signifies something or the other. A certain time has meaning or purpose or quality associated with it. Thus the birth that takes place at a particular time is responsible for associating certain qualities or traits in us as per the birth chart

The Kundli chart or horoscope is a road map of life’s journey on earth. The horoscope has 12 houses that signify the celestial bodies that influence us mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. It reveals our marriage, finances, good luck, education, and many other aspects of life. Not everyone believes in astrology, but there are some important facts to be noted when you consider marriage, new business, new house and so on.  If you want to find a solution for any of your questions in life, consult the best astrologer in Gujarat and make a transformation in life. 

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Here we move on to find out more about astrology and the importance of approaching expert astrology before your wedding. 

Importance of Expert Astrologers in Indian Wedding

Have you heard the famous phrase, “marriages are made in heaven”? The question is, if this statement is true, then what is the role of astrologers before marriage for something that is pre-decided. But, understand that astrology is a blend of calculations that has originated from Science. In Hindu families, it is important to match the horoscopes of the bride and groom. It is performed to ascertain whether their married life will be happy and successful. 

According to Hindu culture, a marriage that is once done cannot be called off. If a marriage is called off or a failure, it is considered as the incompatibility of two horoscopes. If a man and woman are expected to lead a happy married life, their horoscope is necessary.

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best astrologer in Gujarat

Why Compatibility Matters in Weddings?

There are many couples and their families who don’t want to make a choice based on horoscopes as they don’t believe in astrology. If two individuals are getting married without checking the compatibility, the chances of facing issues in married life are high. 

An expert astrologer is the right person to provide detailed information about the yogas and doshas in both horoscopes. For example, if a girl has Manglik dosha, she shouldn’t marry a non-Manglik dosha boy. Such non-compatible relationships don’t last forever. 

The best astrologers in Gujarat check the various aspects of horoscopes when considering their compatibility. The aspects checked are planetary positions, compatibility, gunas, dashas, yogas, doshas, antardashas, love, nature, time, nakshatras, ruling planets and so on. All these elements must be fixed when you proceed before the wedding. For example, the astrologers check for dasha sandhi which means the common time when the dasha ends for a bride and groom. If such time is seen in the horoscope, it should not be matched in any case. All these are done to make sure everything goes well after marriage and there is no cause to worry in moving through the traditions. 


For every small or big event, it is a practice among Indians to consult an expert astrologer for accurate guidance. Guidance from a professional and best astrologer in Surat will always be helpful when deciding big things in life. And yes, Marriage is a big event in every family. The role of an astrologer is very important irrespective of whether it is love or arranged marriage. 

Horoscopes give us detailed information about the traits, characteristics, yogas and compatibility. Decisions will be much easier when astrology perceptions are provided. It is believed that a marriage that is performed after checking the horoscopes for compatibility and all other aspects will never fail. Talk to astrologer if you or your dear ones are going to get married in near future. Checking the horoscopes thoroughly by an expert astrologer ensures a long and happy married life with the partner. 

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