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Why Choose Worcester of University Higher Education?

Why Choose Worcester of University Higher Education?

Why Choose Worcester of University Higher Education?

Here in this article you should  know why choose Worcester of University higher education for overseas study.

Worcester of University

Here in this article you should  know why choose Worcester of University higher education for overseas study.

Choose Worcester of University

WU for Higher Education

1. We Have Just The Right Size.

With an average class size of 18 students, a 58-acre campus, and approximately 6,000 students per semester, we’ve got just the right size. Everything you need is in one compact, walkable space, and you’ll never be just another student in a sea of ​​nameless faces. Worcester State students get to know their teachers and classmates and build relationships that matter.

2. WU Students Can Follow Their Passions.

When our students get involved in a student club or organization, they not only form lifelong friendships, but they also develop learning skills that support their intellectual enrichment. Research consistently tells us that students who are active and involved in campus life are more likely to stay in school, thrive academically, and graduate than students who stay on campus. difference !

3. Our Roots Are Deep.

We have been around for over 140 years. Originally founded as Worcester Normal School in 1874, we were the fifth publicly funded normal school in Massachusetts. But our deep roots don’t stop there. Local tradition holds that our Lancer Oak, located in Founder’s Park, is the oldest oak in Worcester.

4. We Dine With A View.

From our own hydroponic freight farm greens grown right on campus and Starbucks in our coffee shop to our new sushi and poke bowls and vegan options every day, we take meals very seriously. Our students can dine in the “POD” and enjoy breathtaking views of campus from almost any seat in the house.

5. Lancer Nation!

With 20 college sports and a world of intramural options, Lancer Nation is in full effect year-round. From Midnight Madness basketball to throwback football, traditions and fun are still alive and well at Lancer Nation.

6. Learning does not stop at the door of the classroom.

We know that experiences outside the classroom that build on what’s happening inside the classroom can make a huge difference. That’s why last year, 1,869 students engaged across 268 sites, completing 161,255 hours of engaged learning. This represents 35% of our undergraduates, engaged in some form of civic or experiential learning, impacting our local communities and beyond.

7. Our affordability means there’s no sticker shock.

As the public debate about higher education and its value continues, rest assured that an education in Worcester State is a great investment for the future. Our cost is 35% lower than other schools in the area and 68% of our students receive financial aid. Add to that the more than 100 merit scholarships awarded through our Foundation each year, and our value proposition is pretty clear.

8. We are blue and gold, and green everywhere.

Four of our campus buildings are LEED Gold certified and we’re not stopping there. From electric car charging stations to fitness equipment that generates electricity to power the wellness center. Also, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Add to that our bike-sharing program and solar panels on the roofs of buildings, and we make other green schools jealous because Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges called us the “most eco-friendly college.”

9. There are two schools, but more than 60 paths to explore.

Between our School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Education, Health, and Natural Sciences, we offer more than 60 majors, minors, concentrations, and interdisciplinary options to fit any educational background.

10. Worcester Is Rising.

There is a first-class explanation that the seal of the city of Worcester has a heart; in the heart of the Union there is almost too much to love, and there is no stopping there. Also, we are a city that has evolved from a city center and a growing arts scene to a huge investment in technology and medical research.

11. We Get our Students Job Ready.

. An impressive 99% of our graduates are employed, in graduate school, or both within six months of achieving their Worcester State degree. Also, our alumnae report an average starting salary of $42,936, we help our students . Through our professional services, internships, seminars and mentoring work together with a network of more than 23,000 alumni in the region.

12. It’s Home, Sweet Home.

Whether students visit our campus or call our campus home, they will join a close-knit and diverse community where lifelong friendships and shared experiences will have a lasting impact on their lives. About 40% of our students refer to campus as residential campuses, but dining and recreation areas are strategically available in each building, including four residential gym communities: Dowden, Sheehan, Wasylean, and Chandler Village.

13. WU Know How to Hit the Books.

Our curricula open up a world of opportunity for our students. Although the size of the classrooms is kept small, opportunities for research and study are spreading in and out of the community. Our students learn by work. As a result, they are the solution to the creative problems and critical thinkers of the needs of our world. Also, our annual celebration of scholarship and creativity, in which undergraduate university students collaborate with faculty to present research and conferences, is an important event not to be missed.

14. Social Justice Lives and Breathes Here.

From our invaluable Civil privileges gathering in the library to the Center for the Study of Human Rights and our core values ​​of enclosure and tolerance, our group of people is complete up of people from all walks of life and this wealth makes us stronger and our experiences together more meaningful.As a result, Worcester community characterize over 25 nations and our scholar make a dissimilarity studying and volunteering overseas through 60+ worldwide partnership.

15. We think university of worcester the place to be and others agree.

Think we’re tooting our own horn? Don’t take our word for it. Also, we are time after time rate as an reasonably priced, high quality education year after year. For 15+ consecutive years we’ve been the Princeton Review’s “Best in the Northeast” college and counting. Need more? As a result, Worcester publication has velocity us the “Best College” for a decade and Money Magazine says we’re the “Best College for Your Money.” Who are we to argue?

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