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Why Are Mobile Insurance In High Demand

mobile insurance

Mobile phone insurance has just begun to garner attention, although few smartphone owners are aware of it or ready to buy it. Several smartphone companies provide mobile insurance. For instance, you may get Samsung insurance if you buy a Samsung phone. Owners of smartphones should cover their gadgets more than ever because loss or theft of these devices has become prevalent. This safety is even more crucial for high-value smartphones because thieves can make good money out of them. Smartphones have almost become necessary as they support people in whatever they do. Smartphones were first just equipped with the most fundamental functionality. But today’s models are capable of managing every aspect of your personal and professional life. Smartphones have become status symbols for wealth and fashion in addition to the functions they provide. So, you must have one of these gadgets. And you must have mobile insurance to deal with any damage to this gadget.

what kind of mobile insurance

Mobile phone insurance offers you comprehensive coverage for the loss or theft of your device. This is a very important consideration as many smartphones cost thousands of dollars. Many people do not even realize that they can take out mobile phone insurance when buying a new smartphone, even if their current phone has coverage. There are two major types of mobile phone insurance: public and private. The first, public insurance, protects your device against all risks (loss/theft) while the second, private insurance only protects against loss/theft

Having a mobile or smartphone has already become a crucial component of people’s daily lives. This makes mobile insurance just as necessary as owning a smartphone. People rely on it for several things, including business and communication. Loss or damage to the smartphone can cause serious issues in such a situation. So, people can choose mobile insurance to receive cash assistance in the event that the phone is stolen or damaged accidentally. Several financial institutions provide mobile insurance. Several market-leading mobile providers also provide mobile insurance. Take Samsung as an example. You will get Samsung insurance if you buy a Samsung mobile. 

There is a danger that the data on the device will also be lost or destroy when a mobile device is stole or lost. This may result in several problems, including financial loss. People today disburse a lot of money on smartphones. Therefore any problems with them can be extremely expensive. In India, companies are increasingly providing mobile insurance to address these problems. These policies offer protection for all phone kinds, including smartphones, against theft or accidental damage.

Why are mobile insurances in high demand?

The purchase of mobile insurance is not require. But it will go a long way toward protecting you from the financial losses associated with the theft or damage of your smartphone. With pocket insurance, you can claim your insurance with ease. 

Smartphone insurance is a form of protection for your smartphone. You can look for a company that provides mobile phone insurance and use it to protect your gadget from loss or theft. Smartphones are becoming more common than ever in both the personal and professional lives. So, it is important that you get some form of protection.

Let’s examine why you need mobile insurance and how it can help you in a variety of situations.

  • Theft protection- It is very challenging to get it back if the phone is stolen. Additionally, you lose all of your data when your phone is take. Therefore, getting mobile insurance makes sense to deal with such scenarios since it covers the price of a new phone.
  • Accidental breakage protection- Modern mobile phones can be fairly expensive, and any type of breaking repair can be pricey. Purchasing mobile insurance could be a wise choice considering that it gives coverage against breakage. 
  • Water or liquid damage cover- Mobile insurance will cover any accidental water or other liquid damage to the phone. Another potential is that a mobile phone will sustain moisture or humidity damage, which is normally cover by insurance.
  • Covers high repair cost- An hefty repair bill would result from any damage to high-end smartphones like those made by Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. Therefore, it is preferable to have mobile insurance in order to prevent paying a big sum for phone repair.
  • Protection for loss of phone- You will not be entitle to any warranty compensation if the phone is lost. However, if you misplace your phone, mobile insurance will reimburse you up to the sum insured amount. 


A mobile insurance policy provides coverage for a variety of mobile device damages. Let’s examine the following coverage-

  • In the event that a smartphone is stole or take
  • Replacing or fixing the broken or lost phone within 48 hours of the reported incident.
  • Protection from unintentional harm.
  • Protection for the mobile device against liquid damage.
  • The ability to pick up and return a mobile phone at your door for repairs.
  • Process for the coverage that is cashless.
  • Some companies additionally provide coverage for technical issues such issues with ear jacks, charging ports, and touch screens. Take OnePlus insurance, for example.
  • Some insurance companies will additionally offer the policyholder a ‘No Claim Bonus at the policy renewal time. This may happen if there were no claims file during the preceding policy term.

Documents required for claiming the insured money:

The customer must provide the insurance company with the necessary paperwork to begin the claim process for the insured mobile phone. An original phone invoice, the phone’s serial number, and the insurance policy number are examples of some of these documents. In addition, you must register an FIR and include a copy of it when making a claim if your phone goes missing.  

A smartphone is the most important gadget in your life. It is quite possible that you will either lose or break it. Hence, considering mobile insurance for Samsung, Moto G phones and other smartphones is a great idea for those who need this protection.

Smartphones are the most important gadgets that you must have. These devices run almost everything in your life. You can use them for sending and receiving calls, browsing the internet, watching movies and streaming music from your favorite apps. Smartphones have become status symbol of wealth, fashion, as well as a necessity for every one of us.