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What to Change in Your before Joining IELTS Coaching?

What to Change in Your before Joining IELTS Coaching?

What to Change in Your before Joining IELTS Coaching?

Here are some things you should change in yourself before joining IELTS coaching. Let’s check what to change in you before joining IELTS coaching for preparation for the test.  

Joining IELTS Coaching

Here are some things you should change in yourself before joining IELTS coaching. Let’s check what to change in you before joining IELTS coaching for preparation for the test.  

Change in Your before Joining IELTS Coaching

Changing Eating Habits:

It is something that we collectively do wrong. We are used to eating light for breakfast, medium for lunch and heavy for dinner. In fact, you have to do the opposite. Your breakfast should be your heaviest meal because you need maximum energy during the day. You should eat medium during lunch and liter during dinner. You should also have a dietary supplement every 3 hours.

Reason: every 3 hours your stomach will signal your brain that it needs food because of this we change our concentration and later we will lose our concentration until the moment we eat something and the stomach will send signals to the brain that this guy won’t give me food for another 6 hours, so make him eat more. With this signal, you will eat more during lunch and dinner, which will further damage your metabolism and make you sleepy. There are two types of food. One is that it makes you energetic after eating it and the other is that it makes you sleepy after eating it. So always choose the food that keeps you awake during the day and choose the other type at night.

Overcome Distractions:

This is something you need to overcome to dedicate time to books during the lead up to entering an institute. There are many distractions that will increase the distance between you and your books, such as mobile, television, bicycle, laptop, and endless movie collection or series.

Reason: Anything that takes you away from the books for more than 30 minutes is a distraction. You can cool off during breaks, but no break should last longer than 30 minutes. If you manage to overcome this, you will lead life on your own. Otherwise, you are controlled by an outside force.

Explain to Others:

Hire someone to keep track of you (usually your father or mother or brother, even if they are illiterate). Before going to bed, briefly explain to them what you learned that day and you don’t need to be technical with them, explain it in simple language and if they understood it, you won the game.

Reason: If you can make a lame person understand something you have learned and clarify all the doubts they have raised, then you are said to be satisfied with that subject.

Rewarding You:

This is the most important thing to do before joining a coaching institute. Congratulate yourself after completing a subject or chapter or topic. Enjoy and treat yourself every seven days (usually Sunday). Go see a movie or whatever interests you, but don’t touch your books on this seventh day. Take advantage of this day and start an exciting week again.

Reason: Rewarding yourself will give you a reason or motivation to study harder. Generally, we will feel guilty if we went to the movies without fulfilling our duties and responsibilities. Whereas when you indulge yourself after completing your responsibilities, you will get the most out of it. “Work hard and party harder.”

Talk to Your Parents and Never Give Up:

Even trying so hard, you can fail a contest before or after joining the Coaching Center. At this point, don’t give up on the idea of ​​fighting. It can take 5 years to reach your goal of getting a government job, it’s great if you managed to land a job or a place at the university you wanted on the first attempt. But if you failed, don’t lose heart. Talk to your parents; say you’re not a James Bond, say you’ll try until you get what you want. It’s good to have a job even at 30. The IELTS/PTE cracking can take 5 years of preparation, but your efforts will not be without reward. It’s okay to fail and fail and fail and fail and fail. But you will succeed one day. These jobs are worth your time and the opportunities are plentiful if you are satisfied.

Reason: Many feel bad and disappointed when they fail and change course. If you are an engineer and have completed all the subjects, you are eligible for the position, which means you can achieve these standards. An IIT topper can break it on the first attempt, an average IIT guy can break it on the second attempt, a NIT guy can break it on the third attempt, and a local university Top guy can break it at the fourth attempt. But you can break it at least on the fifth attempt and by then you will be satisfied and above the bars of an IELTSian. Strive, fight until you get it.


Bath with hot water before sleeping, it will give you a feeling of sleep for an additional 3 hours. You will be energetic from the second you wake up.

Start studying from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes of study. Take a long break between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. (do not sleep) and start studying from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with intermediate breaks every 50 minutes and finally sit down from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and finish for the day.

Have your dinner (not heavy) before 7:00 p.m. every day and eat something (again not heavy) before sleeping.

Exercise between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.; the evening is the best time for the gym and the morning is the worst.

Eliminate any relationships that require your time until they are hired. Any good and loyal relationship will wait, but the golden period of the early years after graduation will never return. You will give your best performance in the first 5 years after graduation. It’s worth your time.

In the next article will tell you the correct approach to studying a subject. Or you can also take help of the education consultants for study abroad.

So, follow these tips to prepare IELTS properly. One minute, still puzzled which coaching will be best for you? Do be anxious, I am here to help; if you want to join your IELTS coaching where will be the best environment for students then you should opt for best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad or Jaipur.

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