What Is Yellow Sriracha?

Sriracha is a name known to everyone, this hot and tangy sauce has been around since the 1980s but it quickly took the culinary world by storm with its distinctive flavour and versatility. This sauce is made of red chilli peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt and sugar. Apart from the fiery kick there is also a hint of sweetness in there that sets it apart.

There has been some debate about its origin, but the influence and appeal of the sauce is multicultural. It is found in restaurants, in the kitchen used by chefs, displayed over the pages culinary magazines and you can buy them in many grocery stores across the world.

The Sriracha is bright red but there is Yellow Sriracha too, it has come from a small chilli farm in Sriracha Thailand. The Yellow Sriracha gets its colour from Thai burapa chillis. This chilli has a different taste from the red Sriracha, the flavour of vinegar isn’t strong, and it is sweeter and more citrusy. The colour of the sauce stands out and that’s probably one of the reasons why it stands out to the customers prompting them to buy it.

If you like to try different types and kinds of Sriracha sauce, then the Yellow Sriracha is for you. You can also try MamaLan’s Sweet Pineapple Sriracha if you want something different than the conventional Sriracha sauce. MamaLan’s sauce has pineapple too as the name suggests, it is a unique blend of sweet pineapple and hot pepper that makes it incredibly appetising.

You can rest assured If you think you cannot handle the spice, the Sweet Pineapple Sriracha from MamaLan will quickly balance the threat of a burn in your mouth, thanks to the inclusion of pineapple in their sauce.

Make hot wings using the Sweet Pineapple Sriracha sauce, marinate the chicken wings in the sauce, in addition to salt, pepper, honey and lime juice for a tangy twist. You can heat the oven and bake the wings in it, or you can fry them in oil. If you want the wings extra crispy leave them for a little longer than 30 minutes. Broil it to get that wonderfully caramelized skin.

You can make sweet and spicy honey sriracha shrimp recipe too, this recipe is something different and healthier. Marinade the shrimp in the Sweet Pineapple Sriracha sauce, ginger garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika powder. Bake it or fry it, that’s up to you, once done enjoy your deliciously healthy dinner or lunch.

You can buy MamaLan’s Sweet Pineapple Sriracha from Amazon, order away and enjoy the sauce and all the different recipes that you can make with It.

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