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Website layout Re-dos are a game-changer for SEO!


The 21 century SEO is bland without an enticing web layout. Web design practices play a crucial role in SEO. Though SEO and Web design are two different things, the borderline between the two is getting blurred. Users interact with your website, and it’s crucial to provide them with a good user experience.

This straightforwardly affects your website rankings in the search results. This piece of writing signifies the grateful impact of web layout or deigning changes or Re-dos on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Web design aesthetics can change your online presence. Whenever someone wants to learn about your brand, your website is the first thing they look for!

That’s true: Your SEO puzzle will be solved easily once you choose a web design layout that appeals to humans as well as Search engine requirements.

Let’s discuss How Does Web design affect SEO?

As we know, both design and content matter. The web layout changes affect SEO in three central ways.

Human experience and SEO come, go and move together.

A well-designed website is a leading factor in boosting your SEO rankings. Search engine bots are inextricably linked to humans as they attempt to replicate the Human user experience. So, it’s important to remember that it’s not fun playing around with the SEO bots.

If your website exhibits a poorly designed layout and tricky navigation, users are more likely to leave. Search engine drops your rankings as it keeps a notice of people leaving your site.

Obsolete designs, tough typography fonts or slow loading times; be it any barrier, you will lose hold of good rankings.

Well-optimized visuals increase engagement.

It’s proven that people will leave your site if they feel that your design is not in an attractive shell. Layouts make you more authoritative. High quality and relevant graphics are able to keep users on the site for a longer time which eventually aids in good conversion rates.

Once people get engaged and attracted to your brand, they develop a loyal relationship with your brand if you serve them better.

Combining shipshape content with stunning images encourages your users to engage with your content; this leads the search engine to know that your website is reliable and deserves a better rank.

Facilitate your site’s indexing.

While prioritizing human needs is essential, it’s vital to consider search engine crawlers too.

Absurd web design choices can hinder crawlers from indexing your site and damage your SEO rankings. Try out Web design services from Kinex Media; we have a dynamic team that will develop your SEO-friendly web design. Implementing the right things catches the user’s attention quickly.

Let’s have a look at how to create an SEO friendly web design-

Easing up the navigation structure

The web design navigation structure affects many KPIs such as bounce rate, engagement and conversion rates, average page on time etc.

If users do not find the information quickly and they have no idea where to click further, you’ll end up losing them!

Losing money is not impressive when you are spending to enhance your growth.  

Creating well-designed navigation requires the following tips;

  • Keeping the menu short and simple to limit muddling.
  • Main menu should be easily accessible on all your web pages.
  • Adding a search bar for easy access to dedicated products and services.
  • URLs should be precise and descriptive.
  • And the list continues…

These are some simple tips that can coin your first-time visitors into potential customers. Here, we work with a vision to provide our clients with a user-friendly and intuitive website.

Speeding up the loading experience

This one is the most important SEO factor. Your web design immensely affects the loading speed of your website, and your website needs to open up like a blink – “LESS THAN A SECOND!”

Slow website shake hands with dead conversions. Altering your web design can help boost your SEO rankings.

Tick, Tick, Tick… if your site doesn’t open, Google realizes that people have a terrible experience with your website; hence, it drops your SEO rankings.

Make sure your web designing service provider uses a caching solution, upgrades your web hosting solutions, and uses compressed images and CDN (content delivery network).

Using a simplified interface will boost uploading speeds! So, demand for them.

Content, alt text and graphics matter

Everything works well with balance. Web design is not just about selecting colours, fonts and layouts; playing with the content and image placement is a daunting task. Your website should nowhere lose its importance and should consistently rank on top in search engines. 

Select the web designing services that can optimize your site images and make sure to add meta descriptions to your products and services for better ranking results.

All devices friendly designs

Every person today is living with different screen size. Web designers at Kinex Media use a responsive design that goes well with small to big; screen sizes.

Be it a mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop, your website should be well optimized for each one of them.


Have you ever experienced a pop-up landing as soon as you reach the page? How do you find it?

Sometimes it’s pretty annoying because we reach a website for a purpose, seek information, and meet up with an unexpected pop-up that signals us to leave.

Now, through this point, what do we understand?

Pop-us serve undoubtedly well when you have offers or events listed for your clients but consider keeping them at the end when the user is ready to exit.

Improved Readability

Using too fancy fonts hinders a good user experience. Prioritizing readability and keeping it easy is integral to boosting the SEO puzzle. People stick when they get the right content with the correct font style and size.

Our experts set the duos of colours and fonts that are complementing and easily understandable.

Summing up!

Providing a definitive user experience is increasingly important in SEO, and a well-designed website serves the purpose. Both web layout and SEO are critical in keeping the website on top of all SERPs. 

Hurry up! Reach the right web design services that understand your business and provide a seamless experience to you and your clients.