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8 ways to fight insomnia and sleep better again.

Are you suffering from insomnia? While everyone is sleeping, your eyes will be shut, but you will be unable to sleep for long hours. Staying up late for long hours is exhausting and tends to tire us out for the rest of the days too.

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Often people suffer from insomnia which is a condition that lets a person not sleep well or at all and ruins the quality of life. However a little self-control, change in routine and adapting to healthy lifestyle can help a person from such a condition.

If not, then at the end of the day, the person is advised to take therapy and counseling sessions that helps them get to the root of their problems.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

Thomas Dekker

What is insomnia?

It is a sleep disorder as you may face difficulty falling asleep or sleeping in the morning. You may be facing a transient sleeping disorder (for one month or less), Short term (for a month) and long-term sleep deprivation (more than a month). Some common signs are daytime sleepiness and fatigue, poor social connectivity, headache, anxiety, increased mistakes and errors, poor concentration and attention, and lack of energy. It is more common in females as compared to males. You may treat it by symptom patterns, past treatment Responses, available treatments and cost, potential adverse effects and meditations. This article may help us understand it further. According to a report, 35.2% of U.S. citizens may sleep less than seven hours a week.

Why is sleeping necessary?

It may help to remain active all day. However, sleep disorders may also cause mental health issues. If your child is not sleeping well, you may care for him/ her, as love and affection may help recover from the miseries of life. It also increases the life span during sleep so your damaged body cells may be repaired.

What are the causes of sleep disorders?

As women and senior citizens over 60 years may face sleep disorders. It may be that someone is facing mental issues or a lot of pressure. Mothers may face insomnia as their baby disturbs them. You may face sleep disorders due to travelling or shifting duties, which may hinder sleeping orders. You may be taking medicines like caffeine to perform better in sports, or having too much tea/ coffee may be the reason for sleep deprivation.

What to do if I can’t sleep?

Shut your eyes and stop thinking about anything before any sleep. You will stop using a smartphone or laptop before your bedtime. Also try to sleep with lights shut off and use mattresses with sleep quality. You may likely watch only a few TV shows at night. Eat light foods, so you do not feel laziness. Take a small nap in the afternoon. You may not make the imaginary world and refrain from indulging in world politics as it may be a waste of time. 


You’ll often lie on the bed to sleep, but your eyes may shut for hours. You’ll be thinking all day schedules or circumstances you may face. Like me, you may be making false storing in your mind or feeling wrong about others. If you want to sleep comfortably at night, stop thinking about anything or any person. I love music, but it may also cause sleep deprivation as we feel about its lyrics the whole night. You may have to face problems in your life rather than run away from them. Live a simple life as simplicity may relax you. Hormonal change may also affect deprivation. 


Suppose you are working in a software house or a bank. In that case, it will be better to exercise early in the morning and run before sleep as software house or banking work is of long hours sitting in front of a computer. Exercising just after sunrise may also be better for your health. 

Make a perfect routine:

You’ll likely go to bed at 10 O’clock as it may help you open your eyes early in the morning. You’ll divide your timetable of the whole day routine as many may suffer from long shifting hours. It will be best if you make dinner, breakfast and Bruch timing as it will help you to make a perfect routine. 

Prepare your bedroom:

Your bedroom wall paint should be light in colour as similarity may be good compared to a stylish lifestyle. Use quality mattresses and pillows with proper positions so you’re nice and your back may be straight, relying on the pillow. According to research, you may have to sleep 14 to 8 hours a day for an adult person. 


You may use sleeping pills, but they may be dangerous. If you may use natural plants, vegetables and fruits so it may be better. Recent studies show that eating fruits and vegetables increases your sleeping hours. You may use almonds and dark green leaves like spinach, chard, arugula and kale, cherries, bananas, pineapple, oranges, Avocados, Kale, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Holy basil, carats, soybeans, kiwi and many more. 

What things to avoid before going to bed?

Social media & internet surfing:

You may have noticed if you start using social media as it is exciting and creates curiosity to surf more. According to research, 16% of kids may check emails and texts after bed. It often happens that you start YouTube videos or playing games in your bedroom, and when you see the clock, it’s morning, and you waste all the time in front of your laptop. It may be advised to use a computer instead of a laptop or smartphone as it may cause laziness.

Simulates late at night:

You may take sleeping pills or medicines, but they may have many side effects. It may not be advised to take coffee or tea at night as it may contain caffeine which may cause sleep disorders. You may avoid eating fatty meals with high proteins, coke, chocolate or coffee. Try to eat soft food only half a plate, to sleep well.


Fears may also cause a sleeping disorder. You may turn towards your religion as it gives you spiritual support. You may be able to connect socially with your friends and family. If you start feeling fear, think about another thing to divert your mind. Avoid too much talking as it may cause sleep deprivation and be unnecessary. 


Sleep comfortably to make your children you may work for their better future. Have a nice sleep.