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What Should I do if I Want to Ship My Car or Sell It?

ship my car or sell it

You will need to decide what will stay and what will leave before you can make plans to relocate out of the state or across the nation. Most of the time, it will depend on all the expenses involved in either maintaining your current car or having it delivered to your new home. Unfortunately, you can’t transport it in the van.

While others might prefer to start over and purchase a new vehicle to go with their new home. You can purchase one there rather than traveling a long distance with your previous one.

Factors to Consider

There are many things to think about when deciding whether to sell your car or transfer it across the country. Here, we’ll cover 11 of them.

Just want to sell your car?

It might seem apparent, but all you have to do is decide to buy a new automobile instead of sending your old one if you have the money to do so.

Continue reading if you’re unsure right now about whether to ship or sell your car.

Car Shipping Costs

First, the price of shipping a car must be determined. When calculating the cost of transporting your car, the size, weight, state, route, and distance are all taken into account. Moving your car might frequently be more economical when all is said and done.

Asking yourself this question is the first step in determining whether to buy or rent a transportation firm. You’ll need to conduct some study to see whether shipping or driving is more economical because cross-country driving is expensive.

Most people use open transit to ship their autos. The least expensive technique for transporting an automobile is this one. It successfully balances value and safety. besides being very reasonable and reliable.

The safest way to ship a car is in enclosed transportation if cost is more essential than safety. It is frequently 40% to 60% more than open.

New Location Driving Needs

It could be rather affordable to ship your car with a car shipping business if you still want to be able to drive in the new state you are moving to.

On the other side, selling your automobile might be the wisest course of action if you’ve had it for a while and it no longer fits your lifestyle, even with the shipping expense.

Car selling conveniences

There are many good reasons why you might wish to maintain your car. If you have a lease, it must be fulfilled before you may sell your automobile. Make sure you are not in the red if you have financing.

Shipping your car may be the greatest option if you don’t want to sell it but still enjoy driving it despite its age.

Buying a car is a hassle

It is inconvenient to be without a car for at least a few weeks while discussing the acquisition of a new one. You can occasionally be forced to make a down payment, which will have an effect on your finances.

As was indicated previously, unless you trade it in for a new one, you must also sell the old vehicle. You could decide to have the car transported in that situation.

Shipping your car may be the greatest option if you don’t want to sell it but still enjoy driving it despite its age.

Car or extra vehicle use

Your car might only be seldom utilized or retained for sentimental reasons. The moment has come to think about the economics of your new house. Do you have the money to register and insure a second car?

Selling your car or sending it with an auto transport firm is totally up to you and your budget, just like with any spare car, boat, or motorcycle.

Status of the vehicle

Whether you opt to transport or sell your car will be greatly influenced by its condition. If the car is in great shape, you might choose to use a shipping service. It is impossible to make money selling new cars or vehicles that are just a few years old.

Even if you’ve had a car for a while and put some miles on it, modern cars are more reliable than ever. There’s no reason to anticipate anything going wrong anytime soon if you haven’t encountered any issues and have stayed on top of taking care of them.

Maintenance or Repairs

It might not be worth the time, money, or effort to keep if it needs to be fixed or maintained. Then you might think about selling it as a substitute.

If the required parts are unavailable, trying to do these repairs may take some time. You might decide to postpone your move as a result. You can still transport a broken or non-running automobile if you need to move the car but it won’t start.

When / How it Happens

Auto transport does have seasons. Costs often decrease in the winter and increase in the summer. Car transportation companies would need a little more time for planning when the cold prevents deliveries.

For instance, while traveling along a snowbird route, the cost of transit will vary dramatically depending on which direction you are shipping your car.

You can sell your car if you decide they aren’t for you, but it will be beneficial to make moving plans beforehand.

Car Prices

The cost of autos has increased more than ever across the nation. Older automobiles sell for almost as much as their original price to vendors demanding thousands of dollars more than the MSRP. Investigate these situations.

Classic or valuable vehicles

It could be challenging to find a replacement for an antique or classic car. As a result, you should typically have your car transported door to door in a covered truck.

Selling your car? Let shipping do the work for you

Don’t just sell it locally when it’s time to say goodbye to your trusty car. You can employ auto shipping services to get the car to the correct buyer who will pay the proper amount for it. You can promote used cars across the country to enhance visibility.

Either assist the customer in setting up the shipment procedure, or ask them to contact us to make the transportation arrangements. On this, we’ve done a lot of work with prior clients.

Sell your old car and buy a new one? Use car shipping

Purchasing the car locally and having it sent to your new residence is an additional option you might not have thought of. We can ship it through dealerships because we work with them, and they may consider it for your finance.

It’s a good idea to work with a dealership you may already be familiar with because you may be able to negotiate for a lower price as a result of prior relationships. The majority of the time, doing so will be less expensive than having your car relocated.


Compared to selling it or driving, shipping your car is frequently safer, more affordable, and more convenient.