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Understanding of Car Servicing and MOT Test

Car Servicing and MOT Test

Understanding of Car Servicing and MOT Test

Buying a vehicle comes with high-priced investments which are not bought more often by individuals. To be able to perform extremely well on any road surfaces it is important to get car services because over time the performance of the vehicles declines which leads to higher risk on the road. Car services are basically the maintenance of the car which takes place over an annual period which totally depends on the vehicle’s condition. The manufacturer provides specific knowledge of when the car requires servicing and mainly aims to schedule an appointment to get the car serviced.

The services generally require necessary inspection of the parts, visual inspection, or replacement if necessary. It is quite different from MOT as it is a legal requirement. The basic car safety checklist includes horns, fluids, tyres, handbrakes, external lights, windscreen wipers, seatbelts, and spare tyre. Whereas some of the fluid checks that are checked during the car servicing include gearbox oil, differential fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, engine oil, clutch fluid, and windscreen washer fluid. Tyres checklist that is examined in the car servicing includes the spare tyre, tyre pressure, treadwear and tread depth, car jack, and tools. The car servicing has the lights inspected which include brake light, reverse light, headlights, indicator lights, and fog lights. Other general checks that are included in the car servicing are fan belts, unusual engine oils, radiator hoses, batteries, and engine air filters. 

Category of Car Servicing

Depending on the requirement of the car the services vary. Three of the car servicing that are available are Interim service, full service, and major service.

-Interim Service is one type of car service that takes forward with a vehicle that completes 20,000 miles, especially for those high mileage drivers. Some of the checks that are included in the Interim services are lights, tyres, windscreen and wipers, oil change, engine, brakes, fluid leaks, and oil filter change. This service is also known as basic service.

-Full Services is one such category of car service with the name means that it checks and replaces all the parts of the car as a whole. This service is only recommended when the vehicle completes 12,000 miles or 12 months. Some of the lists of checks included in Full service are battery, alternator, starter motor, extensive brake inspection, air filter change, fuel filter, radiator, coolant, air conditioning inspection, wheel bearings, and shock absorbers inspection. These full services are better known by the name intermediate services.
-Major services is another such kind of car service that is highly recommended for a vehicle that completes 24,000 miles or 24 months. This service is a comprehensive service that includes all the inspections done in full services along with some additional inspections such as brake fluid and cabin filter.

Necessity of Car Servicing

Just like MOT, car servicing Leicester is not an authorized requirement, the reason why the car is important is because it delivers the best performance on the road as it is the possible way to keep your vehicle from a deteriorating state. The cost of servicing depends on the driving condition if you perform regular maintenance then the minor defaults would be rectified sooner but when you neglect the servicing then it would lead to major defects that will be quite expensive but not as expensive as buying a brand new car. The reason why car servicing is important is because it comes with various benefits including.

Keeping a consistent record of the damage and default of different parts and components will be a reliable choice making the driving experience more comfortable. With time the use of cars more often would affect the engine system, therefore, avaialing these car servicing will help to change the oil filter and engine oil which as a result improves the fuel efficiency. It is important to keep documentation about the car service history because if you are looking to resale your vehicle then the potential buyers should have service history which results in better value of the car.


Most of the countries have strict laws which takes a test known as MOT which stands for Ministry of Transportation. It is a comprehensive test that is performed under government rules and regulations to inspect whether the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition or not. The MOT test Leicester is being taken forward by the experts to that vehicle that completed three years at the date of registration. The test has some guidelines which are developed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. There are nine categories of MOT guidelines which include brakes, steering, visibility, vehicle identification, body structure and attachments, axels, wheels and suspension, other equipment, nuisance, and electrical equipment including lights. 

Categories of MOT

The MOT test is classified into different categories which include dangerous, minor, major, advisory, and pass. Each classification has a different meaning for failing in the test. The most common reasons for failing the test are cracked or smashed mirrors and lights,  faulty brakes, less pressure in tyres, suspension issues, oil leakage from the exhaust system, and no visible number plate.