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Top 6 Things To Do In Xi’an In 2022

Things To Do In Xi'an

Xi’an, 1,000 kilometers southwest of Beijing and 1,700 kilometers north of Guangzhou, is China’s fourteenth biggest city mainland with a population of 8,467,837. The land is huge, 9,983 km², equal to the Gironde (33), the biggest department in metropolitan France! Xi’an literally means “peace of the west” and boasts over 3,100 years of history. 

The city was erected 412 meters above sea level. And it sits at the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. In reality, a Muslim population deriving from old Arab or Persian merchants rubs elbows with local Buddhists. 

The city was also one of the seven national capitals in the history of China, during 12 dynasties over a span of more than 1000 years. Today, the walled enclosure is still visible 3,000 years after its creation. In short, it offers numerous tourist attractions, and exploring each of them is took too much time. So, if you are planning to visit there soon with family or friends? No worry, stop searching and start planning. Get packed, book all nippon airways reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. To make it easy for you, this blog will come in handy for you. Below we’ve listed some best things to do in Xi’an that will definitely make your trip more exciting and memorable.

Highlighting the best thing to do in Xi’an on your next trip:

The Muslim Quarter of Xi’an

If you come to visit the old town of Xi’an, you will not miss the Muslim quarter, which witnessed the first globalization of trade between China, the Middle East, and Europe along the Silk Road in the Middle Ages. Within it, 20,000 Muslim people live there. The district is famous for its Chinese food market, a haunt to taste local Muslim specialties, such as Yangrou Paomo. The Great Mosque of Xi’an is one of the oldest and largest mosques in China. It testifies to a particular cultural and social mix in China. And this are rarely mentioned.

The ramparts of the old town

Strolling through the old town is one of the essentials of a stay visit Xi’an. Surrounded by its imposing ancient walls, the old quarter reveals traditional China and its exotic attractions. The ramparts were erected during the reign of Zhu Yuanzhang. And, was the first emperor of the Ming dynasty, in the 14th century.

They capture the visitor’s eye with their impressive dimensions and form a border between the old town and modernity that stretches as far as the eye can see. Two gates give access to the old town: the South Gate and the North Gate. The wall covers a perimeter of 13.7 km long, is 15 to 18 meters wide at its base, and 12 to 14 meters at its top. Every 120 meters stand guard towers: enough to cool the desire for invasion, at the time, of potential enemies! It is possible to walk on the ramparts and make a complete tour.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Looking for what to do in Xi’an? Have you heard of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda? Built in 652 under the Tang dynasty, several times destroyed and rebuilt, it is a major interest for every tourist coming to visit Xi’an. 64 meters high, it overlooks the surroundings as a major building dedicated to Buddhist worship. Nearby, the DaCi’en Temple also known as a must-see place. As well as the Peony Pavilion, the Drum Tower, the Bell Tower, and the Xuanzang Memorial Hall, a museum celebrating the Buddhist heritage of India and China.

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Mausoleum of Emperor Qin

Near the city, the Qin Emperor Mausoleum is a vast archaeological site from antiquity, including the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi (3rd century BC) and the pits where the remains of thousands of sculpted terracotta soldiers. This gave the name of a now-famous site: the Xi’An Terracotta Army. These pits contain an army of 8,000 highly detailed terracotta statues of soldiers. Whose faces are differentiated? This army dates from 210 BC and was baked in ovens at 900°C. A fact that once again attests to the ingenuity of your ancient ancestors. It is a must for those who come to visit Xi’an and its surroundings.

Tang Paradise and Lake Furong

A gigantic theme park located southeast of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, it offers reconstructions dedicated to the Tang dynasty. To be combined with a visit to the Great Pagoda, but beware, this park is not unanimous among travelers. You can still enjoy Lake Furong and the green space if you are disappointed with the place.


Go to Huashan (Mount Hua)

What to do in Xi’an if not mountain hikes? Located about a hundred kilometers from Xi’an, Mount Hua is one of the 5 sacred mountains of China. Also, called West Mountain ( xī yuè in pinyin script). The highest point of the massif rises to 2,154.9 meters above sea level, at the level of Luoyan Peak. The hike will be quite difficult because it consists mainly of stairs, which have the primary virtue of “breaking the legs”. But as you go, you will have a spectacular view and panorama. 

Xi’an City Wall

One of the most famous places in Xi’an. First-time visitors should definitely head towards this place. The place is known as one of the largest ancient military defensive systems. That protects this city from ancient times. if you are a history lover and want to explore such kinds of things. this place might be the best for you to experience the ancient era.

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In the Nutshell

Now you know the idea of visiting Xi’an which is also famous for archaeological history. It offers all kinds of experiences for every kind of traveler. So, what are you thinking about? Plan a trip to China with AirlinesMap and personalize your travel itinerary itself to turn your vacation budget-friendly. Also, don’t forget to share your personal experience comment section below to inspire other travelers. Happy Vacations..!