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Top 10 Fun Things People Born in December Should Do Updated

fun things to do in December

December is a month that’s often associated with stress, sadness, and all things winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do in December to make the month more enjoyable. From celebrating Christmas to enjoying holiday traditions with friends and family, here are ten fun things people born in December should do.

Catch a Christmas play

If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to spending Christmas day in with your loved ones. But what about all of the other 364 days of the year? Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate every month!
In December, catch a Christmas play. From performance art to traditional carols, there are plenty of festive performances to check out. You can also make merry by cooking up a feast and inviting your friends over for some traditional holiday cheer. And who knows? Maybe Santa will visit your home on Christmas morning!

Watch a Christmas movie

  • Christmas is one of the most special holidays of the year and it’s always fun to watch a Christmas movie! Here are some great ones to check out: • A Christmas Story (1983) – This classic holiday film is sure to make you laugh.
  • • The Holiday (2006) – This romantic comedy is perfect for a winter day.
  • • Miracle on 34th Street (1994) – This classic Christmas tale will have you in tears of joy.
  • • It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – If you’re looking for a heartwarming holiday movie, this is the one for you.

Attend a Christmas party

December is a great month to celebrate with friends and family. Here are some fun things to do in December:

• Attend a Christmas party. There’s always something fun going on at a party, whether it’s games, refreshments, or holiday music.

• Get a decorated tree. Trees make great decorations for any room in the house, and they’re also festive enough to use as part of a Christmas decorating scheme.

• Make cookies or cake. Cookies and cake are always popular treats at parties, so working on them together makes for an enjoyable activity.

• Find a gift for someone special. Who doesn’t love getting thoughtful gifts? Shopping for someone else can be rewarding and fun, especially if you get creative with your selection.

Go ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza

December is one of the best months to go ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza! Not only is it cold outside, but the rink is kept very well-maintained and there’s usually a festive atmosphere. Plus, there are always lots of other people around to make it fun. If you’re not sure how to lace up your skates, don’t worry – they provide equipment for free!

Make gingerbread houses

December is a great month to be alive, filled with cheer and happiness. It’s also the month when many of your favorite things come out, like gingerbread houses. If you’re up for some fun this December, here are some ideas for things you can do:

1. Make a gingerbread house with your friends or family. Gingerbread houses are always fun and easy to make. You can buy premade gingerbread houses or make your own from scratch using recipes online or from a cookbook.

2. Decorate your gingerbread house however you want. There are so many different decorations and patterns out there that you can use to make your house unique and special. Some popular choices include candy canes, reindeer antlers, and snowflakes.

3. Eat your gingerbread house! After you’ve decorated it and put it together, it’s time to enjoy eating it! There are plenty of recipes online that will show you how to prepare a delicious gingerbread house feast for everyone in attendance.

Take a holiday road trip

If you’re born in December, there are plenty of things to do that will make your holidays extra special! Here are some of our favorite ideas:
1. Take a holiday road trip – Make the most of your winter weather and hit the open road by taking a long drive down some beautiful winter roads. There’s nothing like winding through scenic countryside while listening to snowfall in the background.
2. Bake cookies with family and friends – Nothing brings families closer together than baking cookies together. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and get creative with your flavors.
3. Attend an annual Christmas event – If you can’t find something specific to do on your holiday road trip, why not check out one of your local community’s annual Christmas events? These festivals often feature festive performances, Santa visits, and delicious food options.
4. Catch a holiday concert – Not only is catching a live performance amazing entertainment, but it can also be really festive during the holidays. Head to a nearby venue and see some top talent perform for you under bright lights and sparkling lights . . . what could be better?

Have a snowball fight

December is one of the most fun months of the year! Whether you’re looking for activities to do with family or friends, here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Have a snowball fight! This is an old tradition that never gets old. Grab some friends and head outside for some fun in the snow.

2. Make gingerbread houses! This classic Christmas decoration is easy to make and looks pretty impressive when finished. Get creative and add your own flair to this holiday classic.

3. See a play in theaters! There are tons of great plays coming out in theaters in December, so don’t miss your chance to see one on the big screen.

4. Take a trip to a nearby ski resort! Not only will you get a chance to ski or snowboard, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy hot chocolate and Rudolph cookies at the lodge while you’re there.

Make some mistletoe and hang it from your doorframe

December is the month of love, happiness, and all things sparkly. What better way to celebrate than by making some mistletoe and hanging it from your doorframe? Here are five fun things you can do with mistletoe:
1. Hang a piece in your kitchen to share a kiss with your loved ones.
2. Tuck a piece into your bedpost for a romantic overnight stay.
3. Hang a few pieces around the Christmas tree to commemorate the season.
4. Make some hot cocoa and curl up under a big spruce with your partner to watch the snow fall together.
5. End the night with some christmas kisses under the stars!

Sing carols around the fire pit

Looking for things to do on a cold December night? Why not try some festive caroling around the fire pit? Here are some of our favorite Christmas-themed carols to get you started.

“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” is a classic holiday song that is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. This carol features upbeat lyrics and inspiring music that is perfect for singing around the fire pit.

“Jingle Bells” is another classic Christmas song that is sure to get everyone feeling festive. This song features cheerful bells that add a touch of sweetness to the melody.

“The Little Drummer Boy” is another popular Christmas song that can be sung around the fire pit. This song tells the story of a little boy who goes out on a journey to find his parents, and ends up finding joy along the way.

If you’re looking for something a little more festive, try “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” This classic Christmas song is filled with holiday cheer and will have everyone singing along by the end.

December birthdays are definitely an opportunity to celebrate all year long! So why not kick off your celebrations by trying some of these fun carols around the fire pit?

Get yourself a special Christmas gift

Looking for something special to give your loved ones this Christmas? Check out our list of fun things people born in December should do! Whether you’re looking to celebrate the holiday season with your family or friends, these activities will be sure to bring happiness. Here are ten of our favorite December-born activities:

1. Hang a Christmas tree with your family and friends.
2. Make gingerbread houses together as a community event.
3. Go on a winter hike or ski tour together.
4. Have a snowball fight outside!
5. Make cookies and give them away as gifts to your friends and family members.
6. Sing carols around the fire pit on a cold winter night.
7 . Deck the halls at home with festive decorations – it’s easy, affordable, and stress-free!
8 . Surprise each other with homemade Christmas treats throughout the day – it’ll make everyone happy!
9 . Celebrate New Year’s Eve together – it’s always a fun time!
10 . Spend quality time with those you love most during this special time of year!