Tips to Pack and Move Your Bike to Your New Destination

Relocating to the new location is really a cumbersome task, which requires lots of stressful tasks to be done. Especially, when you have to pack and move your complete household with you. At that time, hiring Agarwal Packers and Movers will be the best decision as they are expert in managing every kind of move within a minimum time-frame. Another thing that may haunt your mind is your beloved motor bike. How to transport it 1000 miles away to your new home? Don’t worry, world-class Car Carrier services by the moving companies make it simple for you to relocate. If you are planning to relocate it on your own, then you need to give extra care and take necessary precautions while packing your bike so that it will reach your new home in a damage free condition.

Secure Your Bike for Moving or Shipping

For the local move, you can just tie your bike on the rank and drive it to your end location. But, if you are not carrying your car with you, then you have to diligently disassemble and keep your bike in separate cartons for further transportation. Packing your bicycle for move is not as simple a task as it seems. You need to follow few guidelines to pack your beloved bike that are as follows:

Tips To Pack Your Bicycle in an Effective Ways

  1. Check with Your Moving Rules and Regulations: Before initiating your move, one should go through the rules and regulations of the country or state you’re moving to. Take for example: Airline might charge your extra fee and moving companies might need to follow some predefined guidelines.
  2. Specialized Containers & Cartons for Packing: You should arrange some special containers and packing equipment that comprises foam strips, fork protectors, plastic end caps, tape and other packing material. If you handover your bike to your movers and packers, they will transport it in the special containers with the tarpet flooring to secure your lovable bike from getting damaged during the transit process.
  3. If you do not have a local bike shop nearby, you can purchase it online. These are the specialized cartons uniquely designed to keep your bike safe from dents and scratches. You can also arrange cardboard board boxes, which proved great for moving and shipping. Also, Hard Shell Cases offer complete protection but their weights are more and are expensive. You can have a discussion with your local bike shop vendor for your travel requisite.
  4. Make Arrangements for Packing Supplies: Along with the cartons or cases, you require some of the following equipment as follows:

• Sturdy Foam, Fork guard, Wood Block to stabilize your forks.

• Bubble wraps, packing sheets, foam pool noodles, etc to wrap your frame

• Zip Ties

• Spare cardboard pieces

• Packing Tape

• Packing Peanuts

• Tools for Disassembly

• Labeling Marker

  1. Separate Bike Parts and Accessories

For making your bike carton as compact as possible, remove separable parts and accessories by using bike repair tools. If your handlebars and bike seats are adjustable, one should mark your present adjustment level so that later on you can adjust them accordingly. Pull off the things including derailleur, pedals, seat, water bottle cage and many more parts.

  1. Secure Your Fork

The arch that perfectly holds your front wheel is known as Fork. You need to secure it from any pressure so that it may not bend or get curved. Some bike models would have a through axle you could replace once after removing the wheels to keep your fork together. If not, you can keep a piece of sturdy foam, fork guards or wooden blocks to keep it steady.

  1. Protect The Bike Brakes

You must keep the brakes of your bike adjustable by putting the small cardboard piece in between the brake caliper pads.

  1. Wrap Your frame Using Bubble Wrap

By using the wrapping sheet, bubble wraps, foam pool noodles or pipe lagging insulation, you should completely wrap the frame parts which are exposed. To keep the protective material intact, you can use the masking tape.

  1. Attach the parts to the bike

Take each and every wrapped bike part and try to fasten it to the bike with the use of zip ties. if possible, try to keep each and everything as compact as possible from all the sides. For instance: You should place your handlebars on the right side and place your front wheel at the left wherein the hub could keep the frame. Also, do not forget to keep the bike tools in the bike carton as you have to reassemble your bike after reaching your new home.

  1. Keep Every Wrapped Parts and Accessories in Box

Put a layer of protective sheet or cushioning at the bottom and sides of cartons, only then keep the entire frame in it.

  1. Fill Out Gaps with Packing Peanuts

There must be open space in the carton which enables the part to snuggle with each other. To avoid this, you keep the packing peanuts or crumpled paper or airbags so that it may not move and remain as it is.

  1. Secure Box

Further, close the box using the good quality packing tape on all the edges. Also do not forget to reinforce the box from the bottom surface.

  1. Label Your Bike Container

It does not matter how you are moving your bike, make sure that Mark FRAGILE Label on its cartons. Do not put any heavy items on the tops of your bike carton in the moving containers. If you have planned to ship it, then label your bike carton with complete address and return addresses. If sending by flight, then do not forget to write your name and contact details on all the sides of the cartons.

Still You Have Questions?

If you have some questions on moving your bike or how to pack it, you can connect with Agarwal Packers and Movers, who will perfectly pack your bicycle and transport it to the new address in a upto the mark conditions.

Have a Happy and Safe Move!!

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