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How To Tie A Loopy Bow? -You Should Try

Loopy Bow

It is not easy to tie up a bow. There are several techniques to tie up the bow. You need exact raw materials for use and the right inspiration. Well, it is not true that everyone doesn’t have an idea how to tie up a loopy bow, but some can perfectly tie a bow within just a blink of an eye. In this article, we are going to discuss the step-by-step guide on how to tie up a loopy bow.

The Step-By-Step Guide For Tying Up The Loopy Bow

Below we have mentioned the ways of tying up the loopy bows. 

Step No.1

Curl the ribbon to make the center loop and compress it at the base. Twist the tail of the ribbon where you hold it with your fingers. After that, pinch it so that the front side is facing up.

Step No.2

Fold the ribbon under the first loop. Twist the ribbon and pinch it at the center.

Step No.3

Again fold the ribbon in the same manner to create the second loop. Hold up these two loops and snake sure that both loops are the same length. After that, twist and pinch the ribbon.

Step No. 4

Begin the second layer of loops by creating it in the same manner. Use your fingers to measure the lengths of the loops and make them the same length.

Step No.5

In this way, continue folding the loops and twisting them until you have at least five loops on each side. 

Step No.6

Insert the ribbon wire or the thread through the center loop and wrap around it. Before tightening the wire, make sure the ribbon tail is folded so that the front side is facing toward the front face of the bow. Tight the wire by at least twisting it three times. 

Step No.7

After that, trim the tail of the ribbon as per your desired length. Pass the remaining ribbon through the center loop. Then grab it from the back and insert it through the center loop. 

Step No.8

Twist the wire tightly and trim it. Make sure the second ribbon tail matches the first ribbon tail. 

Then it is all set for decorating your house. 

Another Guide On How To Tie Easily A Loopy Bow

Below we have mentioned details about how to tie a loopy bow.

1. First, cut the bow wire into a piece. Then fold it in half and insert it into the bow ribbon. After that, you have to tuck the end of the wire.

2. Then, fold the ribbon in half and find the middle point. Then create a mountain-up fold so that creases are created in your loopy bow.

3. Use the bow ribbon wand so that it loops down

4. Now insert the wire into the loop and pull tightly. After that, turn the bow ribbon back and tie a knot.

5. Lastly, you have an alligator clip that is lined with a ribbon. Then to make it secure, stick it with glue dots. 

The Types Of Bow

Below we have discussed some types of bows that you can easily make a bow out of ribbon.

1. Pink Ribbon Bow 

One of the cutest shaped loopy bows is the pink ribbon bow. This classic and elegantly simple design bow is made by using three elements such as pink ribbon, glue, and thread. A pink ribbon bow is very exclusive if you are planning to wrap a gift/presentation, decorate your outfit, and others. 

2. Festive Ribbon Bow

A festive ribbon bow is an outstanding way if you want to decorate any thanksgiving occasion or other special occasions such as Christmas or a wedding ceremony. But it is difficult to make. In this case, you have to learn from bow specialists.

3. Bat Bow

Another fantastic and interesting bow is the bat bow. You can easily decorate your home and make your costume spooky during the Halloween season with this type of bow. For instance, you can attach several bat bows to your room’s wall. In this case, all you need is faux leather, a hair clip, and scissors.

4. Simple Red Bow 

A simple red bow is an ultimate solution for a last-minute gift wrap-up. In this case, you can use a leftover, old ribbon. It is required that the color will be red. It can be used for several purposes, such as making school cards, gift wrapping, or other Christmas tree decorations. 

5. Hair Bows

Hair bows are mainly famous for teens and young girls. It is a great way to represent your personality, and you can style your hair. Hair Bows can be made from several materials, such as leather, fabric, and wired glitter ribbon. It can be attached to hair by sticking a prong clip on it.

6. Simple Paper Bow 

Paper bows are the best option for DIY bows without fabric, leather, and ribbons. In this case, paper is necessary for making this paper bow. It can be created by just some folding and cutting. You can easily make it by just looking at some cutout templates. 

7. Buffalo Check Ribbon Bow

If you want to look unique and distinguished, then the buffalo check ribbon bow is the best option. It will make your style exclusive. Not only that, but the color combinations are unique and eye-catching.

Now the question may arise: what materials are needed to tie a loopy bow? The answer is you need a ribbon that is approximately 3 yards. Then you need ribbon wire or floral wire. A scissor is a must to give it a shape and make it properly. At last, a wire cutter is required to cut the hard wire. Then, it is needed to incorporate it under the loopy bow’s ribbon.


We have mentioned the step-by-step guide for making a loopy bow and discussed the several types of bows above in this article. In the 1770s bow was invented first in Europe. 

It is mainly a European idea because they thought it was to symbolize the character. Loopy bow mainly signaled resistance and positivity, attraction and aversion, femininity and masculinity. 

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries please comment down below.

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