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Top 5 Things To Do In Livingston Guatemala – 2022

Livingston Guatemala

Livingstone is a small town on the eastern side of Guatemala with a very less 18000 population. This small town is full of natural beauty and rich motivated history. This town is first established by the slaves who were left to die on the sea. The present population of Livingston Guatemala has descendants who were the survivors of the slave trading.

The rich history and the diversity is the main attraction of the place. As the population is gathered from the different parts of the country, you can see the multiple food variations,

and cultural diversity.

The blue water of the Caribbean sea and the beautiful tropical weather is quite attractive, and the culture diverted population is making this small town an attractive tourist destination.

The living style and people’s lives are still simple as in the past.

When you are walking along the country road, you can feel the past and the natural beauty, and the different exotic tropical country birds are making this small town heaven.

5 Popular Things To Do In Livingston Guatemala

If you are planning to visit Guatemala, do not skip this small town from your travel schedule. As this small town is holding the rich and brave history of the past. And from this small town, you will get to know the Guatemalan people’s real life. The food to the living style 

everything is a little bit different here than in the rest of Guatemala.

Here is the list of the five popular things which you can do to enjoy the whole vacation time.

1. Dulce River Tour

Dulce river is the most important river in Guatemala. And almost every civilization is born from the shore of the river or the sea. The Rio Dulce is no exception. If you want to see the real Guatemala, then river traveling is the best option to feel the Dulce River’s beauty. Dulce river is the 43 kilometers long connecting waterway between Lake Izabal and Antique Bay. The Dulce River is the gateway to the Caribbean Sea.

The River waters are entering through a large canyon and separate the mountains from the water. The limestone rock’s large walls are making this area full of adventure, and do not forget to visit the Rio Dulce national park since 1955; the fauna diversity is preserved here. The collection of the different types of reptiles is the main attraction of the park.

2. Livingstone Museum

The former name of the Livingstone museum was Devid Livingstone Museum is the oldest museum in Zambia. The museum is very near to Victoria Falls. This museum is not only the oldest. It is also the largest museum in Zambia and was established in 1934.

The Livingstone museum preserves many signs from the past of Guatemala and Zambia’s history.

You can see the preserved art effects from the stone age to the present. This museum holds the history of humankind before 250,000 years. This museum is the largest collection of the Livingstone family art effects. 

And you can see the origins of the Bantu People from the gallery. The picture gallery is quite impressive and attractive. The location is easy to find. It is only 11 km from Victoria Falls and is situated in the Livingstone town’s heart on the Mosi-o-Tunya Road.

3. Seven Altars

Are you an adventure-loving person, then Livingstone is the perfect place where you can feel the adventure of the different water sports events along with the natural ambiance? The Seven 

Altars are the perfect place for riverside hiking and boat ride in crystal clear water.

Small natural pools are everywhere from a hiking way to Livingston boat riding, the perfect way to enjoy the seven Altars.

The natural ambiance is so heavenly, and the area is full of small waterfalls and different migratory birds, and tropical country trees. If you feel tired from traveling, you can take a small dip in this clear natural water, and this soothing water immediately takes away your tiredness.

4. Playa Blanka

The best beach in Livingston Guatemala is the Playa Banka. If you want to enjoy the Caribbean sea’s natural beauty, then go to visit the Playa Banka. This beach is a little bit distanced from the other Guatemala beaches and the population.

The beach’s white sand is so soft that you can lie down on the beach and enjoy the bright sun for your whole day. The less populated beach and the sea’s blue water attract many travelers who want to enjoy Guatemala’s natural sea view.

5. Visit The Coffee Plantation

Guatemala is all about the coffee plantation and visiting the natural places full of exotic birds and natural waterfalls. Visiting the Guatemala coffee plantation is another attractive tourist plan. Coffee farming remains the same as in the past. You can visit the coffee plantations, and then you can be a part of the coffee picking. 

The coffee pickers are welcoming the visitors with their smiling faces. This coffee plantation is still worked in a manual way, not heavy machinery you can spot here this is the cause of the natural good taste of the Guatemala coffee. The helpful local guides are everywhere to guide you and show you the coffee picking process.


The beauty of the Livingston Guatemala is lying in the natural environment of the Livingstone. The rest of Guatemala is busy, and you can’t feel Guatemala’s real natural beauty and the Caribbean sea. And this small town is less crowded, and the town life is still quite simple as in the past.

You can find many good and famous restaurants over here which are tourist attractions places.

This town just holds the strongest impression of the past. The farmers and the working class people are maintaining their simple and hassle-free life here. The living stone is the best place where you can feel the past and feel the real Guatemala.

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