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10 Best Things to Do In Jaisalmer

Explore the Thar Desert, marvel at the exquisite palaces and forts, and spend the evening on the sand dunes beneath the star-lit sky; the top things to do in Jaisalmer contain all of this and more for an amazing experience.

Without a doubt, Jaisalmer tour packages provides an excellent overview of India. The colourful culture, age-old traditions, and unique desert festivals are all part of a mystical enchantment that lasts a lifetime.

List of Best things to do in Jaisalmer

There are various things to do in Jaisalmer that will provide you with plenty of options for a fantastic vacation. As a best travel agency we suggest a list of top 10 things to do in Jaisalmer that you must do while travel to Rajasthan. Check-out the following list given Below.

Desert Camping in Jaisalmer

Camping in Jaisalmer

Desert Camping or camping in Sam Sand Dunes or thar desert in Jaisalmer is an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Enjoy seeing the villagers perform traditional Kalbelia dances and play folk music. You will be lavish with world-class hospitality, and the friendly people with mesmerising grins will leave an indelible impression on your heart. A delicious Rajasthani meal to satisfy your hunger is an extra bonus. All of this and more may be find in Jaisalmer desert tour packages. If you are going with your partner then you should visit here and enjoy your quality time with your partner outside the city and hussle hussle city life.

Pay visit at the Jain Temples in Jaisalmer

The Jain Temples are a beautiful set of seven interconnect temples that date from the 15th to 16th centuries. These religious shrines, carved out of sandstone and nestle within the fort, are one of Jaisalmer’s most popular attractions. The elaborate carvings on the temple compete with those found in the famous Ranakpur Jain Temples. The black stone idol of Parshvanath is a head turner and is carefully conserve in the sanctum sanctorum.

Shopping in Jaisalmer

If you are a shoppaholic person and go for a trip to jaisalmer then the shopping is a must do activities or things to in Jaisalmer. The Bhatia Bazaar is a fantastic market. Aside from that, there are additional marketplaces where you may find silk fabrics, cotton embroidery, antique jewellery, and leather goods. Rugs, oil lamps, mirrors, and elegant wooden boxes are all worthwhile shopping.
The best way to keep the memories of this great Indian location alive is to bring some of the lovely souvenirs home with you.

Boating in Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

The Gadsisar Lake is regard as one of Rajasthan’s most beautiful lakes, attracting a large number of visitors. The lake’s entrance is just as intriguing as the lake itself. The Tilon the Pol is a large and meticulously cut yellow sandstone doorway that leads to this popular tourist destination in Jaisalmer.

The greatest time to visit Jaisalmer for bird watching is during the winter. Enjoying a boat ride while admiring the dawn or sunset will round up your visit to the ‘Golden City.’

Enjoy Local Food in Jaisalmer

Sadar Bazaar is the place to go if you want to sample the city’s delicacies. The market’s unique traditional flavours are enjoy by all. The flavours, as well as the way items are present and the shopkeepers’ attire, are all traditional. The market is also well-known for its leather goods, puppets, camel-hair carpets, oil lamps, and other items.

Enjoy Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Deset Safari

As the sun sets for the day, the Sam Sand Dunes come alive with visitors. One of the most memorable things to do in Jaisalmer is go on a desert safari at Sam Sand Dunes. a lot of travelers visit Jaisalmer for desert safari every year in Winters.

Explore to the Museum

Visiting museums is the best method to learn about a place’s history. Jaisalmer, which has a lot of museums, is a good example of this. Another renowned attraction is the Tanot Mata Shrine Museum, which will leave you dumbfounded after viewing the bombs landed around the temple during the Indo-Pak conflict. Because these bombs were never detonated, they are being meticulously kept at the museum. The Government Museum has a long and illustrious history.

Visit The Tazia Tower

The Tazia Tower is a popular tourist destination with its five stories, each with its unique importance. An excursion to the tower is included in well-planned Jaisalmer tours. A visit to the tower will allow you to notice how each of the five balconies is created uniquely. Built by Muslim artisans, the construction is modelled after the Tazia, a tomb that is carried during Muharram. The architects presented the tower to the imperial rulers.

Enjoy Adventure Activities

Parasailing provides an amazing view of the desert. Fly high in the skies while being tethered to a jeep to overcome your fear of heights. If not, you can attempt paramotoring, which will make your trip to Jaisalmer more adventurous. Take selfies or take stunning photos of the surroundings.

Quad biking is also an adventurous sports or things to do in Jaisalmer Rajasthan. There is an unbelivable experience of Riding a quad bike on small sand dunes. If you are going a ip here then you should try quad biking.

Dune Bashing also one of the best adventure sports or things to do in Jaisalmer. If you want to enjoy the driving in Desert then you do not need to go in urban countries, you can travel in this city and enjoy dune bashing in Sam Sand Dunes.

Camel ride is also an adventure activities to do in Jaisalmer. When we think about Jaisalmer then first thing that touches in mind is camel safari. You can not get enjoy more than this in any other activities. Camel race is one of the most attractive things which is a part of annual dessert festival, held in February month every year.

After experiencing these top activities to do in Jaisalmer with best travel agency, you will undoubtedly return home with a bag full of memories.

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