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The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

One of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins is the Wunderwaffe, which uses electricity to kill zombies. To use the Wunderwaffe, you replace the power tubes in the breech of the gun and pull a lever to activate the power cells. The gun has a six-second reload time, but you can speed it up by using Speed Cola. Another powerful weapon is the Sliquifier, which can penetrate three types of armor and destroy enemy structures with its energy blast. This weapon also has an unlimited amount of ammo.

ice staff code

The Ice Staff code a powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins, and one of the best ways to upgrade it is to find gravestones. The first one can be found near a giant robot footprint. The key to this weapon is to hit it after it freezes. The next two are located near the Excavation Site in front of Generator 4 and Generator 2.

The Ice Staff is probably the most powerful weapon in the game. While this weapon is absurdly powerful, it has a low ammo pool and isn’t very easy to upgrade. It’s better for save-me scenarios than any other weapon, and its lightning shot kills enemies with a single shot. However, it requires a lot of RNG and requires getting out of the way scenerios.

The Ice Staff can be upgraded by obtaining three parts. Obtaining all three parts requires digging up various areas in the map. To find the first one, players must wait for snowfall. They can also find the second part in the middle of the map near the church. To get the third part, players can do a quest called Crazy Place. The player needs to match the symbols on the ceiling with the ones on the stone slabs in the excavation site. They then need to shoot the panels in the correct sequence.

The upgraded Ice Staff can shoot a blast of ice that freezes enemies. This is quite effective against Panzersoldats, and its efficiency compares well with many other staves. The Ice Staff can also revive downed teammates.


PPSH is a fast-firing rifle with wide dispersion. Its reload speed is fast, making it the best weapon for destroying zombies. However, you can’t buy ammunition to upgrade it, making it an unreliable choice for solitary play. However, it is still one of the best weapons in Black Ops 3.

The Thompson M1921AC, which can be obtained by upgrading to the Zombies map Revelations, is another powerful weapon in the game. It fires from an open bolt, so you don’t have to cock it. This gun has a reload animation that shows the player flipping the fire selector once the magazine is empty.

Another very powerful weapon is the MP40 submachine gun. It is relatively powerful with a high rate of fire, and can be upgraded to do even more damage. This weapon is also effective against zombies, so it’s a good choice for a first-person shooter.

The ray gun mark 2 is a powerful weapon, but it has one drawback: there’s no ammo! However, you can upgrade the weapon’s damage by using gobblegums and power-ups. Unlike the Ray Gun, the MP40 has a very high rate of fire, and can be upgraded to deal even more damage.

The storm weapon is another good choice if you want to kill zombies one-shot. This weapon can kill 10 zombies in one round and is useful in emergency situations. In addition, the explosive arrow gets more powerful as it charges. A charged shot will cause a lightning storm that will kill zombies in a much larger area than the visual radius.


The KN-44 is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game, featuring a fast fire rate and a dual-mag design. It has a high damage output, which makes it a great choice for headshots. Its rapid reload speeds also make it a great choice for racking up points. The KN-44 can also be upgraded with various attachments, including a new magazine.

The Wunderwaffe is another weapon you should consider, as it can kill an entire horde of zombies with one shot. It’s very accurate, too, and uses electricity to kill zombies. It also has a high damage output, which makes it great for dealing with an outnumbered zombie horde. But it does have some drawbacks, so you should be careful when using this weapon.

The MP40 submachine gun is also an excellent option. It is one of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. Its fire rate is high, and its upgrades allow you to increase the damage output. It is also very effective against zombies, so it’s a great weapon for first-person shooters.

Another new weapon is the KN-44. The KN-44 is a German carbine based on the FN FAL. Its barrel is long and features a side opening action. The gun also features a monolithic rear panel that opens to release heat from the weapon. It can fire 7.62x35mm rounds and a 7.62mm NATO round.

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