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The Kinds of Retail Box Packaging: Which is the Best Among Them


Nowadays, retail box packaging has been popularize. There are many kinds of retail package printing styles. They have different appearances, which can be see from paperboard retail packages, plastic retail packages, custom retail packages, etc. All these retail boxes have their advantages and disadvantages. This blog post will discuss all the different kinds of retail box packaging. And which is the best among them according to our opinions!

Retail packaging is an essential part of retail product marketing. It is what makes your retail products stand out on shelves, and it promotes them to customers. However, all retail boxes are not create equally; there are many different types that you can choose from. This blog post will discuss the different kinds of retail box packaging options available by package printing companies, including their advantages and disadvantages, so you can find which type best suits your needs!

What is Retail Box Packaging?

Retail box packaging is the retail-ready package in which a product is sale to customers. This retail box has a lot of elements that help entice consumers. such as branding and appealing graphics. But it also serves many practical purposes for retail businesses. For example, retail boxes keep products safe during shipping or eve. If they are store in stockrooms before sent to the destination. Retail boxes are also design to keep retail products visible, so customers can easily find them on store shelves.

Kinds of Retail Box Packaging:

Following are some of the different kinds of retail packaging present in the market as of now:

  • Big Retail Box:

This retail box is known to be the most used retail package type. This retail box helps in easy and safe packaging, transportation. And display of retail products due to its size ranges from 12 inches x 12 inches x 18-20 inches (LxWxH).

  • Shoe Box Packaging:

It can contain one or multiple shoes, while most retail shoes are placed in this retail box. In addition, the retail shoe boxes usually come with a transparent plastic window on top of them to expose. And showcase the product inside the retail package.

  • Small Retail Box:

It is also known as retail countertop packaging and can be used for all kinds of products such as clothing. Retail accessories, retail home furnishings, and many more. It is made from corrugated paperboard with a retail box assembled by hand without any glue or tape.

  • Medium Retail Box:

It has the same size as retail countertop packaging. But it comes in an open-top design to easily access products inside the retail package. It is also made from corrugated paperboard, or a retail box assembled by hand without any glue or tape.

  • Counter Display Package:

This retail package is a retail box that is design to be merchandise on the countertop. It has an open front with no lid, and it can also have slotted sides, handle display, or shelves for multiple products.

  • Gift Box:

It is made from paperboard, but there are some exceptions. Such as plastic gift boxes, which are use for packaging fragile retail products. It is usually color white, brown, or silver, and it has a lid. That can be made from the same material. Still, in some cases, they may have different materials such as paperboard with an exterior grade film laminated on one side like red gift boxes.

  • Blister Packs:

They are make from plastic or paperboard material. For example, a blister pack is a unit within retail packaging that has an item attached to its front with some form of adhesive, lamination, or tape. In addition, this retail package may have a transparent panel that allows retailers and customers to easily see what’s inside while protecting the product at the same time.

  • Kraft Retail Box:

They are the most used retail packaging solution for sales promotions. Kraft retail boxes have a paperboard exterior and an interior lining of brown kraft paper, often printed with special offers or product information.

  • Clamshell Packaging:

It comes in two parts that fit together to hold contents inside securely while allowing it to be easily open and close.

  • Cardboard Retail Box:

They are retail packaging made using cardboard with a paper or plastic film coating. They can be flat pack for easy storage and transport. Which makes them ideal retail package solutions. When space is limit within the retail store. These boxes also have an advantage in reusability if there are such products.

  • Face Seal:

This retail box packaging is a retail package type that has one open face. It has been design so the product can be visible from all angles. One of its advantages over other retail packaging types is to enable the customer to touch and feel the item before making their purchase decision.

  • Trapped:

This retail box type is a retail package form with two seal sides but opens on one side, and it can be use for retail packaging items such as perfumes and the likes of. It has been design mainly for shelf display.

  • Counter Display:

This retail box type is a retail package from where all four of its walls are enclose, and it is mainly use for retail items such as cookies and the likes of. The only opening in this retail box type is a front flap that can be open to allow viewing or placing an item into it.

  • Stretched:

This retail box type is another retail package form with two seal sides and opens on one side. It can be use to pack retail items such as cosmetics, makeup sets (foundation), and the like. This retail box type also helps to highlight or show off specific features of an item, like its color or design.

  • Pillow Box:

The retail box type is a retail package with two open sides and sealed on the top or bottom. This retail box can be use for retail packaging items such as shoes, sunglasses, earrings, etc. This retail box type also gives an impression of luxury to its product which is why it’s mainly use for high-end products like jewelry and watches and many such products.

  • Insert Tray:

Insert retail tray boxes are retail types of packaging with a base or bottom and two open sides. Place trays retail box type is mainly use for retail items like glassware, knick-knacks, electrical appliances, etc. Therefore, the product needs to be adequately secure inside it by inserting into these inserts.


Many retail box types can be use for the retail packaging of products. However, the kind of retail box type one chooses ultimately depends on the product and how it needs to be package to protect itself from any damage or breakage during transportation and storage.