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Are you Looking for Sturdier Packaging for your Cigarettes?

Cigarette Boxes
  • Custom cigarette boxes have a massive demand as the competition in the tobacco industry continues to grow. Many tobacco companies now customize their cigarette packaging to attract more customers.
  • With custom cigarette packaging, you can easily decide every aspect that goes in producing your cigarette boxes. Brands demand absolute authority and control; they want to be the decisive powers that get to choose how their packaging will be constructed, which is why customization is convenient for them.
  • A great relief with customization is that tobacco companies can also choose the packaging stock for manufacturing blank cigarette boxes. This helps them ensure the addition of quality stock while ensuring that their packaging remains easily recyclable and biodegradable.
  • With custom cigarette packaging, companies can design a laudable print with the help of customization design experts, who have a better understanding and a profound knowledge of all the customization tricks and techniques.

Importance of personalized cigarette boxes!

It is not a secret that every industry has struggled to discover a packaging that best suits their brand and product. We are also well aware of the fact the impact and influence your product packaging has on your brand.

Many brands have achieved a new name and upgraded their businesses just by forming new, customized packaging. The cigarette packaging, as a matter of fact, not only protects your cigarette but also is a direct salesman for your company. In other words, there is a competition of whose packaging is better or best.

More likely, in this competitive industry, it’s the survival of the fittest. If your packaging is not capable enough to stand out, you won’t be able to thrive and make a place for yourself in the tobacco industry.

By personalizing your cigarette boxes, you can achieve a laudable and easily distinguishable look for your cigarette boxes. Furthermore, it now provides several additional features, by which you can work on creating something very new and extraordinary for your cigarettes.

For instance, through customization, you can get your hands on multiple box styles, which will give a totally different look to your cigarettes!

Making your cigarette boxes durable for your cigarettes!

Cigarettes are fragile and can be damaged easily. Many brands export their cigarette to different cities, even worldwide. In such circumstances, the main concern of the tobacco company is to ensure their cigarettes are safely delivered without a damage. Previously, here have been many cases and the customers have continuously complained of receiving damaged or broken cigarettes in the packaging.

To solve this issue, companies can now choose a packaging material of their choice to manufacture their custom cardboard cigarette boxes. Stocks such as paperboard, cardboard and Kraft are the ideal choices. Moreover, you can choose corrugated cardboard if you intend to deliver your cigarettes worldwide. The thickness of all these stocks is customizable as well and you can choose to increase or decrease it.

It won’t be wrong to state that a major reason why customization emerged as a trend in the tobacco industry was that manufactures has major concerns about the packaging stock, and it also includes ensuring eco-friendliness qualities in them!

Style an exquisite print for your custom cigarette packaging!

There are several ways you can style an exquisite print for your custom cigarette packaging. You can begin by drafting a basic design. The custom cigarette packaging can be minimal and exotic yet vibrant and consist of all the details. The choice is totally yours.

The box print must include a logo. Furthermore, it can include details about your brand, your cigarettes or any cautions etc.

You can further use additional features such as a die-cut window or give a coat to your custom cigarette packaging.

Paper cigarette boxes are now demanded!

Since many tobacco companies have shifted towards paper cigarette boxes, they are now in a huge demand. It took this industry several years of struggle and hard work to be considered a worthy, scalable market. With the existence of paper cigarette boxes, it has been easier for brands to climb the ladder and increase their brand worth and position in the tobacco industry!

It is unquestionably and undeniable fact that many brands in this industry existed but without a proper recognition. Now when we talk about recognition, it is important to talk about the impact of a laudable packaging.

Your product packaging has the power to make or break you. With paper cigarette boxes, many brands have been able to acquire a better position in this industry and have been increasing their sales massively!

How to style an attractive logo on cigarette boxes?

Tip#1Personalize a foil color of your choice. Imprint your tobacco brand logo on the custom cigarette packaging with foiling.
Tip#2Emboss or deboss the imprinted logo to give it a 3D affect, making it stand out.

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To have the maximum sales for your tobacco company, you would have to work on the way your boxes will appear to the world; it will set a perception for your brand. Whether you’re a luxurious cigarette brand or a tobacco company that offers multiple sorts of cigarettes, having a distinguishable look for every category can take you places!

For that purpose, you can manufacture cardboard cigarette boxes in multiple styles. Today, there are several box styles available, all having a unique structure of their own. With these box styles, manufacturing cardboard cigarette boxes will be a win-win deal. Some of the box styles include tray and sleeve boxes, hexagon boxes, bookend boxes, tuck-end boxes etc. You can adjust the size of these boxes according to your requirement. Having these box styles will have a direct impact on your sales, making your brand increase its worth in the tobacco business

Signature custom cigarette packaging boxes

The tobacco wraps are packed in a cigarette box style at the retail stores. It has a unique box style that is particularly meant for cigarettes.

Small to large-scale brands prefer this style. However, you can distinguish your brand with creative packaging ideas.

You can experiment with different colors, designs, and artwork. It creates global brand awareness and attracts customers.