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Some Major Departments of Advertising Agencies

The advertising agency works in tandem with other smaller departments to produce quality results for different businesses for their advertising campaigns. Some types of advertising agencies have many employees whereas some type of agencies have fewer employees. So whenever you are opening any agency, then you need to figure out the major objective behind the opening of the agency. The advertising agencies in Berlin combine several departments to best utilize the resources and tools. Now to make you aware about what type of departments should be there in the advertising agencies in Berlin, we have listed a few of them for your reference.


The large advertising agency has in-house production department to handle several execution processes. The production department handles client’s advertising campaign to proceed the businesses processes. It also handles major responsibilities of the agency’s logistics. This is the department which is majorly responsible for production, taking photo-shoots, and commercials. So this department plays a major role in shaping the success of the client’s advertising campaign.

Client Servicing

This department has a team, which directly communicates with the client. This team understands the client’s requirements and coordinates the work between creative teams and media. The team handles the accounts of the agency and develop several strategies to make the agency work consistent with the client’s projects. So this department is essential to make the advertising agencies in Berlin, work properly for different client’s projects.

Creative Services

The creative department deals with the creative development of the client’s campaign. Here all the major creative work takes place and the team works on building enticing marketing ads to entice the audience. The department has several responsibilities such as copy writing, editing, web development, graphic designing. The team works to render quality work to the client for his or her campaign.

Human Resource

There is no denying about the significance of the HR department in the agency work. All other big organizations have in house HR department to proceed with the overall functioning of the organization, the same applies to the advertising agency. In order to conduct the consistent work of the advertising agency, the HR department is very much necessary to carry out the processes related to the employees and other departments. The HR department ensures the overall well-being of the agency to render quality work.