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Make Your Anniversary Extraordinary with Romantic Flowers and Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated by couples every year to commemorate the day they tied the knot on holy matrimony. The entire occasion needs to be romantic in every way. Marriage is a powerful bond, and when two people decide to come together and say their vows in front of a congregation, it means a lot. That is why many spouses celebrate this union by exchanging gifts such as flowers and many other gifts that are regarded as romantic. The day you tied the knot and decided to be man and wife is a very important day that should never be forgotten.

The act of giving and receiving flowers has an entirely romantic and appealing quality to it! The tradition of giving flowers to your spouse on your wedding anniversary is a timeless and pleasant one. And this custom is not unique to the Western world; it has infiltrated other cultures all over the world!

No matter what gift you decide to get your spouse, ensure that it helps you express yourself romantically. Flowers are among the many romantic gifts that you can send to your wife to show her that you are still in love with her even after all those years in marriage. To help you celebrate your wedding anniversary in style and make it memorable, here are some of the most romantic flowers for you to send. 

Why Should You Send Romantic Flowers on your Anniversary? 

Why do many people decide to send romantic flowers on their Anniversary? Flowers are not just ordinary gifts but gifts of expression. You can’t go wrong with flowers on your wedding anniversary because they are full of symbolism. But with many flowers to choose from, it is quite hard to know which blooms will make the best anniversary flowers. You make your bond even stronger by celebrating your wedding anniversary every year. 

Most of the time, people settle for red roses. With meaningful anniversary flowers, your partner is assured that you are in this holy institution for the long run. Settling for any bloom to show your undying love to your better half is not a good idea. You need to go for a floral gift that shows how much he or she means to you. Although it is not a bad idea, you can try other romantic flowers to spice it up. Read this guide if you want to show your romantic side on your wedding anniversary by sending romantic flowers and gifts. 

Know What Each Anniversary Means to You 

Since there are many milestones and years to be celebrated during a wedding anniversary, the first thing to do before sending romantic anniversary flowers is to know how many years of marriage you are celebrating and which flower goes well with it. Bright flowers are perfect when you are celebrating a wedding anniversary. The color of the flower always symbolizes emotions; therefore, it is up to you to know which emotions you want to send—the worst thing is to send flowers that don’t have any romantic expression. Red roses for my love are typically sent to symbolize passionate love. 

Besides roses, there are also other romantic flowers that you can send to your spouse, including red carnations, red tulips, sunflowers, red and white lilies, orchids, and many more. Before ordering romantic flowers from online delivery stores, ensure it is a reputable company. Cosmea Gardens is among the best flower delivery stores distributing flowers in Cyprus and other parts of Europe. To make romantic flowers more beautiful and meaningful, you can include other gifts such as a box of cookies, chocolate, or candy. You may also decide to present your flowers in a basket instead of a bouquet. 

How to Select Romantic Flowers for your Anniversary 

Selecting romantic flowers can be done by the number of years in marriage celebrated or the spouse’s favorite flower. Today, we have official flowers for particular years that a couple is celebrating. Romantic flowers may also represent certain milestones in marriage. These milestones include 15, 30, or 50 wedding anniversary years. Certain materials may also be used to convey the number of years you are celebrating. A good example is a carnation flower, the designated flower to send to your spouse when you celebrate your first wedding anniversary. 

Carnations, in this case, are used to represent excitement which comes from the celebratory honeymoon mood of the first year in marriage. The fifth year of marriage represents a sober since much of the excitement of marriage has died down. The perfect flowers to send to your spouse when you celebrate your fifth year in marriage are daisies. In the fifth year of marriage, love still conquers everything. Therefore, daisies represent content, gratification, and strength. 

Know if the Recipient is Allergic to Certain Types of Flowers 

Before getting your spouse romantic flowers on your wedding anniversary. You need to know whether he or she is allergic to particular flowers. You can get this information from your receipt or ask her close friends or family. If she has any allergies, you can shift to other flowers she’s not allergic to. Certain flower allergies can be severe and may cause fatal reactions.

Consider the Color of the Anniversary Flowers 

Most couples celebrating wedding anniversaries prefer spending any type of red flowers because they often represent love, deep affection, and passion. Red romantic flowers are meaningful, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t send flowers with other colors during your wedding anniversary. To spice things up, you can try combining several hues in one bouquet or flower basket meant for your birthday. Pink, white, yellow, and orange are also beautiful flower colors for your Anniversary. 


We have all kinds of romantic flowers to send to your spouse on your wedding anniversary. To make your romantic anniversary flowers impact your spouse. You need to research first to know which flowers are the best for anniversaries. You should not pick flowers in a rush from any local flower shop. The best flowers can order online from reputable flower deliveries such as Cosmea Gardens from Cyprus.