Robotic Radical Prostatectomy with the Robot

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring

Robotic prostatectomy institute is an Institute where surgical procedure that involves the removal of the prostate gland in male patients. This is used to treat prostate gland cancer or blocked urine flow due to an enlarged prostate. The prostate gland is removed. In Robotic radical prostatectomy, all the prostate glands are removed. Robotic devices can be performed by using the robotic radical prostatectomy.

It is the advanced surgical system, robotic, miniaturized instruments which are passed through the small keyhole incision into the patient’s abdomen which allows the surgeon to remove the prostate and the tissue with precision. This is much less invasive than a conventional retropubic prostatectomy, which involves an abdominal incision that will extend from the stomach to the pubic bone.

The three-dimensional endoscope and image processing equipment which is used to magnify the view of delicate structures surrounding the prostate glands e.g.: nerves, muscles, and blood vessels during the robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy. The prostrate is eventually removed. Most surgeons seated at a computer and operated the instrument with viewing the computer console. The surgery is done with the surgeon’s hand entering the hand into the patient’s body.

Pre-operation preparation: They will be bowel preparation. The operation consent must be informed. Pre-anesthetic workup. the position of the patient is considered. Arranging the operative with the surgical equipment.

Post-operation management:
Drain may be placed through the 8mm with robotic trocar sites, it can be removed first or second postoperative day. Parenteral narcotics medicines will be required first 24 hours. They will be dwelling urethral catheter; most of the patients can void adequately with minimal risk for urinary retention. Most of the patients will tolerate the surgery. The catheter is removed but must avoid strenuous activity up to four weeks after surgery.

Advantages of Robotic surgery:

The experience with the institute  robotic surgery is not painful nor sensed by the patient. When coming to traditional open surgery was very painful. The patient can have less blood loss, and less pain, be discharged from the hospital within a short time, Faster recovery with these robotic operations. And lower blood fusion rates.

The risk with robotic assistance surgery:
Sometimes all the operations may not be successful. sometimes they also have an impact on the usage of robotic assistance such as bleeding, infection at the surgical part, and organ damage at the tissue part.

Functional outcomes:
With the LRP and RALP, visualization of the prostatic apex is typically good. It allows precise dissection and is tension free. Urinary inconsistency improves within three to six months of the period.
Sometimes it also depends on the cavernous nerves.

Critical post-operation recovery:

It leads to avoidance of the traction. They will be direct manipulation.
The hemostatic energy resources and the performance of a meticulous dissection during the NVB preservation.

Success rate: The Prostatectomy surgery, the success rate is high in curing prostate cancer is 100 percent, unless the condition of the symptoms is detected in the early stages. so that the treatment will be taken immediately

They are minimally invasive surgical techniques that have been expanding in urologic surgeries because the decreasing rate will be perioperative outcomes and like oncological results. With the intuitive movements with the advanced wrist movements and the three-dimension vision, the robotic surgical technique is replaced with the laparoscopic technique in urological applications. But robotic surgery continues to evolve with new techniques and refines the past techniques. The market growth has been noticed with the new equipment’s surgical instruments as the competition. The Institute  output result is to improve the clinical outcomes. The surgeons are best trained and skilled with the world class medical care.

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