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Find Remote Jobs in Nigeria

Find Remote Jobs inNigeria

The most helpful resource I came across on remote jobs in Nigeria at the date of this article can be found at Linkedin. In conclusion I believe it is ideal to describe what a remote job is. That’s what I’d hope to achieve by first defining the definition of a job.

What exactly is a remote job?

A job is an item of work, a task that is carried out regularly for an agreed price. Jobs have evolved overtime, in the past, it was mostly factory-based but it slowly changed to the present. However the future of work is remote , and it is essential to prepare for it. This article is an expose of how you can find remote job opportunities in Nigeria and what is remote work and then, it offers an insight on how best to be prepared for what’s to come in the near future.

So, it’s safe to conclude Remote Jobs are precise jobs that you perform at a cost that you agree to through the use of modern technology and tools, regardless of the boundaries of geographical location or the space.

I have worked on high-level projects globally using teams at different time zones and geolocations. When I was a student during my time at Harvard Business School years back, some of my coursemates and I were working from different parts of the world on our coursework simultaneously.

Remotely working for a fee or salary of around $5000 per month places you in the millionaire club when converted to Naira, thus earning you around five times the income of a typical worker in corporate Nigeria.

How To Find Remote Jobs in Nigeria

A simple Google search would take you to links to several companies offering remote jobs to Nigerians. They are both local and foreign. I bet you’d love the foreign firms more since they provide you with a chance to earn money in different currencies besides the Naira.

Types of Jobs That Can Be Executed Remotely

  • Accounting-related jobs
  • Software development
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Design
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Copywriting
  • Translation

How To Qualify For High-paying Remote Jobs

Here are two tips for becoming a person who has a steady flow of high-paying remote jobs.

Build Expert Profile

There is no way to determine if you are worth a large salary until you have a profile that suggests you’re eligible for one. For remote work your profile will do the talking for you. it is necessary to create a portfolio of past work. Ensure to understand such vetting requirements before applying through them.

Educate Yourself Constantly

Stay abreast of the latest the latest trends in the fields you’d like to work in. Many , including me, take advantage of the numerous online learning platforms available today. Such platforms include Coursera, Linkedin, Edx, etc.

Many people are looking to manage their time, which is why they favor remote jobs in Nigeria. When they aren’t required to be at a desk for a specific time, remote employees can focus on what matters to them outside of the office.

Methods to find remote jobs in Nigeria

Once you’ve determined that remote work opportunities located in Nigeria are right for you, an easy-to-follow implementation of the following would put you on the right track to finding landing your first remote job in Nigeria:

Find the appropriate site for a remote job search; Google is your best partner for this. Find terms that include the following:

  • Remote Jobs Near Me
  • Remote Job
  • Work from home Jobs

Learn more about remote communities.

Be diligent and patient and be passionate about what you’re doing.

Customize your resume to be able to submit remote applications for jobs.

Be diligent with your research and don’t compromise your standards

How do you write a resume for remote jobs in Nigeria

Remote work in Nigeria require distinct capabilities, and employers always search for them. Some of the employer-specific skills mentioned in resumes for remote jobs include:

  • Time management
  • Cooperation
  • Digital communication
  • Solid work ethic
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Be familiar with technology

If you’ve been working remotely in the past it will be more straightforward, but not the final. Suppose you have no experience with remote work. In that case you must use your non-remote expertise to demonstrate the necessary abilities you require.

The most significant benefits of remote jobs

As mentioned in most articles, remote jobs in Nigeria are a great source of income for employees. Regarding employers, employees economics, workers, and the rest of the world, here are some advantages of remote work:

1. Enhancing the work-life balance

An essential function of working from home is the flexibility it offers. Employees can organize the day according to their own schedule and begin and finish it. However, this is an exception. They must perform the tasks that are given to them, complete their Job, and give results.

If you don’t, you’ll be losing the purpose you were seeking. The ability to control your work schedule is vital for your personal requirements.

If you’re trying to balance your schedules for medical visits, school classes, and other obligations, taking an online class for fitness in the morning or working at your home during the day, it’s all easy.

2. Reduce travel time and stress

Stress from travel has increased by two-fold in countries such as Nigeria, where vehicles are limited.

The time you spend on productivity isn’t only used to reduce congestion, but also impacts your body. In the end, we aren’t vehicles. The health issues, which are listed below, may be result of stress and strain from going to work.

  • High cholesterol
  • Hyperglycemias
  • Higher risk of depression
  • Working from home reduces your sensitivity to these health problems.

3. Flexibility:

One of the most distinctive characteristics of human beings is how similar we are however, they are also quite different. Everyone has a particular pattern they enjoy when it comes down to work schedules, but for (most) traditional workplaces it is an established completion time and recovery period.

Based on the title of your job It is possible to work from any time. But when I work from home no one sees it. Make sure you complete the tasks you’ve set out to accomplish before you see any results.

4. You can work from anywhere:

Flexible work hours mean it is possible to work from any location. Remote work also permits you to work in bed instead of a workplace which may be restricted to a specific location or area.

5. Cost reduction

There are practically no travel expenses (for remote jobs). Therefore, you will earn more free cash than you spend on shipping or maybe anything else. You don’t need it for remote work and even the money that you pay for lunch and coffee at work.

The major drawbacks for remote working

Despite the many advantages however, working remotely isn’t without its disadvantages, as do all other things. The biggest issue with remote workare the dependence on technology. This includes having the appropriate equipment in place, the power supply, and an dependency on internet services. It is impossible to operate remotely without them.

Other disadvantages on the surface are:

1. Loneliness:

One of the characteristics of office work has to do with the physical aspect that represents collaboration. The sole work from home environment can create a feeling of loneliness and can inadvertently decrease productivity.

2. Fatigue:

It is widely believed it is a fact allows you to have a break and relax while working at the times that are suitable for you. In fact, for many, it is difficult to manage a balance between family life and work, which can translate into endless working hours.

3. No more distractions:

A commitment to work and a strong desire to work can be distracting and hinder productivity when working at home. However, it’s not like everyone is enjoyable in the office and it’s just as bad when you’re at home. Homework may not be your forte if you tend to make errors and work best under strict supervision.

4. Restricted employment relationships:

As previously mentioned Working together in the office allows colleagues to meet and develop friendships, and also create an atmosphere of unity. But since workers rely in conference calling, phone calls and other communication tools, remote work diminishes the value of this important aspect of their working experience.

Conclusion Are you prepared for this Remote Lifestyle?

Life as a nomad worker is interesting. Some people describe it as”the route to independence from where you are”.

While working remotely is fun but one must realize that working remotely requires an ability to function across multiple time zones, among other requirements. It may mean having lots of nights without sleep for some. Others, it can cause a variety of difficult situations such as health, fatigue and so on.