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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads:

Google Ads

You want to give online advertisements. We all know that the best platform is Google. If you can get mastery’s in Google ads, then you are already ahead of your competition.

I will tell you the basics about Google ads. If you understand it clearly, then you can do the Google Ads search campaign, Google Display Ads, and others.

The competition is high. You need to do some paid advertisements for your business. Google Ads are beneficial for business growth. It was called Google AdWords before.

  • Search Ads
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile App Ads

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a kind of online advertising platform, and it is connected with the google search engine, google display network, search patterns, websites, audiences, videos, mobile apps, youtube channels, and more. 

Digital marketers use Google Ads for traffic to their websites, and this leads to conversion and sales. These days, if you want to grow your business, you must take help from Google ads, otherwise, it is impossible to spread awareness about your business. 

How Does Google Ads Work?

First, you need to set up a Google Ads campaign for your business. Next, you need to find suitable keywords that suit your business or website. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords. You should always be careful about the words and phrases the customers will use.

The intention of Google Ads is to match the keywords. And this leads to landing pages that you create. When somebody is searching with those specific keywords, your ad can be displayed in front of them. Your ads can be shown anytime to the target audience based on their searches.

How Does Google Ads Auction Work?

There is a complex algorithm behind every Google Ads. As a result, your Ads may show up first when someone is searching, or they can not be in the top 100 list. The whole thing depends on the ad auction.

There are two factors behind this. The first one is bidding, and the second one is quality scores. So Google analyzes every bid and quality score and determines the ranking based on these two factors.

What Is Google Ads Ad Rank?

There is an auction time that every advertiser gets. Google has the ability to check every ad’s quality and bid and then give a ranking according to its algorithm.

  1. Bids-

There is a limit on spending money that you can set. A smart bidding strategy is important for your ads. You can set the CPC, Target Cost-Per-Action, and target Return.

There is a common question that people ask which of the following is a core benefit of google ads automated bidding? I will say that auction-time bidding is the core Google ads benefit. Because of its efficiency, conversion rate, more data handling, and accuracy also saves your budget.

  1. Quality Scores-

The quality score is the second factor that impacts your ad. You should understand a few things, such as ad relevance, landing page experience, and click-through rate. 

Based on potential customer searches, Google looks at overall quality, relevance, and landing pages.

How Do Google Display Ads Work?

You can use specific targeting through websites, youtube, and mobile apps. Google display ads makes it easy to target relevant audiences. This leads to more traffic to the landing page and will ultimately help you in product or service selling. If you want your Google ads to perform the best, then you can use Google Responsive Ads. It will not only perform well, but also you don’t need to do anything other than upload content. And then, Google will automatically make the best variation that will perform the best. 

Where Do Google Ads Show?

Paid ads and organic search results are far different from each other. So naturally, people can see google ads on the top or the bottom of the page. The Ad rank factor is behind the ranking of your ads.

How You Can Use Google Ads Successfully

To give ads on Google, you need to be careful about these facts.

  • Keywords
  • Optimization of the Campaign
  • Ad Groups
  • Landing Pages
  • Audiences

Benefits Of Google Ads

You can take full advantage of Google Ads. However, before understanding how to put ads on Google, you should know the benefits. This will help you to grow your business.

  1. Specific Target

It is impossible to throw an online ad and wish for conversion. You need your ads to reach specific targets. Google gives you the advantage of targeting specific consumers. The different choices that you have.

  • Keywords
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Ad Location
  • Days
  • Time
  • Frequency
  • Device
  1. Cost Cutting

You can control your spending while giving advertisements on Google. There is no minimum, but you can choose monthly or daily. When someone clicks, you have to pay.

  1. Analytics

You will know when somebody clicks your ad. You can track every single thing that your ad is doing. Through analytics, you can make great campaigns next time. 

  1. Build Your Campaign

Google allows you to make your campaigns more efficient. There are so many tools for that. For example, you can use MCC or My Client Center to manage your accounts.

Google Ads Tutorial

Though it seems easy, PPC advertising is difficult to learn. Follow these steps.

  1. Create a Google Ads Account. 
  2. You Can use the full version.
  3. Click on the ‘create account without a campaign.’
  4. Confirm your business information.
  5. View Google Ads Account and explore.
  6. Link Google Analytics Account with Google Ads.
  7. Set the Conversion tracking.
  8. Update all the settings.
  9. Attribution Modeling.
  10. Now create a campaign.
  11. You can choose different networks and targets.
  12. Fix your budget and bid.
  13. Add extensions to your Google Ads.
  14. You can set your theme.
  15. Put proper keywords.
  16. Create ads, write headlines and put final URLs.
  17. Write a few text Ads per group.
  18. Now, Launch.


You can find different tutorials, but every tutorial is the same. You need to understand Google Ads through your own practice.

Feel free to comment if you have any queries.

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