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Nailbiter! Sault election count is down to just one polling station

One Sault polling station has 2,341 mail-in ballots that will take at least two days to count
Elections Canada has updated its Sault Ste. Marie riding results tonight to show only one polling station remains to be counted.

With 183 of 184 polls counted, here are the latest preliminary standings:

Terry Sheehan, Liberal: 14,448 votes (37.5 per cent)
Sonny Spina, Conservative: 14,393 votes (37.4 per cent)
Marie Morin-Strom: 7,752 votes (20.1 per cent)
Kasper McKowski: 1,888 votes (4.9 per cent)
That means just 55 votes separate incumbent Sheehan from contender Spina in the tourniquet-tight Sault electoral race.

Elections Canada regional media advisor Rejean Grenier told SooToday’s Kenneth Armstrong earlier today that one polling station in the Sault has 2,341 mail-in ballots that will take at least two days to count.

“In some cases it will be Thursday but we are hoping by the end of tomorrow we will have some results,” Grenier said.

Elections Canada is estimating voter turnout in Sault Ste. Marie was 58.2 per cent, representing 38,481 of 66,121 registered voters.

That number doesn’t include voters who registered on Election Day.

The last time Sault Ste. Marie had a federal election turnout less than 60 per cent was in 2008, when Tony Martin defeated Cameron Ross.

That year’s turnout was 59.42 per cent.

The highest turnout in a recent election was 68.29 per cent in 2015.

Terry Sheehan beat Bryan Hayes that year.