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Starting a Mobile Coffee Business? Here’s How to Pick the Right Cart

Starting a mobile coffee business

Are you considering starting a mobile coffee business? Congratulations if so! You’re moving toward achieving the entrepreneurial ambition of being your own boss.

But before you start preparing lattes, you must decide which coffee cart on wheels is best for your particular products. Uncertain about where to begin? Here is a useful manual.

Australians Love Their Coffee

Asian girl drinking coffee and working on iPad

Did you know that Australians consume 100 million cups of coffee daily as a nation? Coffee may be the most sought-after beverage on the planet, so it’s no surprise that coffee vending continues to be a hugely successful business concept.

Considering that 64% of Australian adults already drink coffee every day, launching a mobile coffee business is sure to pay off handsomely for your financial commitment.

Correct now, you probably feel like ordering a coffee cart on wheels, but let’s look at what a mobile coffee shop looks like and how to look for the right equipment to ensure success first.

What Is A Portable Coffee Cart?

A Mini Café On Wheels

A coffee cart is simply a mobile espresso bar. You get everything you need to prepare various caffeinated beverages with it.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic opportunity to start your own coffee business without having to take out a sizable loan. You can sell it at gatherings or in crowded places and even cater coffee to nearby offices and businesses.

What’s the best model for me?

Coffee carts come in a wide variety of styles, from little ones that only serve coffee and pastries to larger ones that have a full menu of upscale beverages.

Modern mobile coffee carts are fully equipped with the tools and extras needed to prepare upmarket beverages like lattes. This includes brew taps, sinks, grinders, and espresso equipment.

It’s not necessary, to begin with, a high-end coffee cart, though. A compact, transportable coffee cart will work perfectly as a starter.

What’s The Best Mobile Coffee Cart?

Cost, durability, and aesthetics are the three primary factors you should take into account when choosing a coffee cart on wheels for your first mobile store. Let’s examine each of these in greater depth.


This will undoubtedly play a significant role. Fortunately, there are models available at a range of price points, so it should not be difficult to locate one that fits inside your spending limit.

However, remember that the cart’s original price invariably reflects its quality, size, and menu options. You will need to make a larger investment if you want to offer a more elaborate menu that includes upscale beverages and gelato for affogatos.


The issue of durability is also crucial. You want your coffee cart to last for many years, after all! Keep an eye out for a cart that is composed of durable, high-quality materials, like steel.

To handle bad weather, look for carts with a canopy or another form of protection.

There is no such thing as a little element when it comes to arranging your coffee business investment. Examine the quality of everything, from the wheels to the countertops and storage functionality. A sturdy cart is preferable to one that will collapse at the first indication of danger.


Naturally, you’ll want your first mobile cart to look excellent! First impressions are crucial, after all. Choose a design that complements your brand identity and distinguishes you by taking the effort to do so.

To truly differentiate themselves from the competition, several firms even provide custom paint services.

You can get down to the details once you’ve determined the type of coffee business you’ll be operating.

What else should I consider when picking a coffee cart?

Before making your final decision, there are a few less obvious aspects of mobile coffee carts to iron out.

Where Are You Vending?

If your plan is to visit numerous locations daily, you should pick a compact coffee cart that is portable and simple to move. On the other hand, a larger one should work if you intend to set up at the same place every day.

How Fancy Are You Planning To Get?

A model with several compartments for various kinds of coffee beans and flavourings is required if you intend to offer a selection of drinks.

Additionally, think about if your little café will sell extras like gelato, cold brew, various kinds of milk, or sweets to go with your drinks. In this situation, it would be good to purchase a coffee cart with lots of storage space so that it can hold the equipment required for those delectable extras.

How Much Coffee Will You Be Brewing Each Day?

This will mostly depend on where you are; an office building in a rural area won’t need as much coffee as one in a city.

Think about where your vending location will be busy as well. Will you someday need to grow? A bigger coffee cart will have more capacity to hold coffee than a smaller one.

Tips for starting a mobile coffee business

By this time, you have a better idea of what your mobile coffee cart will look like. Before you do, think about these 3 extra pieces of advice for aspiring mobile coffee cart business owners:

Branding And Marketing

Prior to starting along the path, it is imperative to finish this phase. You’re trying to make your café stand out from the many other coffee shops and cafés that are already available. How can someone who truly adores your coffee locate you again?

Do you post pictures of your vending machines on Instagram? Will you have branded coffee cups so that customers may contact you online with ease? What makes you unique? What is the background of your brand?


How difficult is it to obtain special permission if you need one to operate your mobile coffee cart in your neighbourhood?

Many localities need permits from street sellers, and some even have unique hygienic specifications like the need for on-site running water. Before making an investment, it’s critical to determine this and incorporate it into your budget.


How do you decide where to put your little coffee cart? begin to research your neighbourhood. Learn about the busy places, compile a calendar of local festivals, concerts, and performances, and research how you may sell there.

To discover if you can set up a shop there, check out some of the busiest office buildings in the neighbourhood. Additionally, there is no need to be concerned about rivalry—even with two to three coffee shops on each block, there will always be enough coffee enthusiasts to make everyone a winner!

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to start writing down all of your coffee-related ideas and organising your new mobile coffee cart business. Your entrepreneurial fantasy is here!