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Mentoring Next Generation: Three Essential Elements of Success

Mentoring Next Generation: Three Essential Elements of Success

“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn,”said Philip David Charles Collins LVO, an English drummer, singer, record producer, songwriter and actor. Philip Collins is best known as the drummer/singer of the rock band Genesis and for his solo career.

Having a good mentor is very important to get success in your particular field. They can help you to grow and develop a new skill that is required for your improvement. But to have a good mentoring relationship is necessary for the growth and success of an individual. Gary Ng is Chairman of the NG Group, an investment company based in Toronto, Canada. His investment interests are in the areas of technology, finance, real estate, consumer goods, art, and exotic vehicles, among other areas. For the past twelve years, Gary Ng Winnipeg has been concentrating on building a group of independent financial firms working in the areas of commodities, equity, debt, and trading.

Here are three essential elements of success:

What makes a good mentor?

A good mentor is someone who has better experience in your field and is more than just a successful individual. They had experience in both failure and success that you are going to feel now. They can help you through their long time experience to assist you in your problems and also provide you better solutions to tackle any type of difficulties.

Qualities to look for a mentor:

  • A good mentor will always try to help others with their experiences. They don’t do this for any money or something in return, just because they want to see others succeed.
  • Just having a good intention to help is not enough, they also have to show proper commitment to provide better assistance to their mentees.
  • The best mentor has deep knowledge about your field and they are well aware of the latest technologies that are used in your field.

What makes a good mentee?

Some many attributes and sensibilities are required to be a good mentee.

A mentee should have good faith and trust in their mentors about what their mentors are doing is only for the development of the mentee. If a mentee provides proper attention to what their mentors are teaching them then it can encourage them to improve and develop a new skill for their progress. Being a good mentee can help in maintaining a good mentor-mentee relationship.

The mentee needs to be:

  • The mentee should be committed and focused on their mentor’s guidance to improve their development in their particular field.
  • A mentee should be very clear about their goal, needs, and what they want from their mentor.
  • When stuck in any kind of problem, they should be willing to ask for help, and also they should be ready for any new methods or ways their mentor is going to guide them. A mentee should be very open to learning new things.

The mentoring relationship:

Well, to form a good relationship you should manage and nurture the mentoring relationship. To maintain a good relationship it is important for both the mentors and the mentee to be committed and attentive towards the process. If both the parties are ready to give their fullest to achieve a common goal then this could lead them to success.

Few simple practices that can form a good relationship:

  • Get to know each other is one of the best ways to form a good relationship. This can help in forming trust on both sides and also help in better teaching and learning process.
  • Both parties should be clear about the goals and plan accordingly.
  • Having good communication is also very important and also it will help in growing the confidence.