Let’s Discover What Gives Indian Food The Best Flavour!

Spices have extraordinary aromas and flavors. It is often a mystery how a certain combination of spices can evoke a captivating fragrance imprinted in our memories for a long time. No kitchen contemplates such an extensive spice catalog as Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is about the blend of various spices in the right proportions. So, if you wish to know more about Indian food, you must understand Indian spices first.

So, Several Indian spices that are frequently used in Indian eateries in Caulfield or other areas in Malvern Vic have been shortlisted.

Amchoor (Mango powder):

One of the lesser-known spices, amchoor, is made from green mangoes. Mangoes are dried and ground to make this spice. This makes an aromatic powdery seasoning with an extreme, bittersweet, and fruity flavor. It is excellent for flavoring curries, chutneys, soups, and marinades, among many other expansions.


Cinnamon is employed in savory meals like curries, rice dishes, stews, and chicken recipes because of its sweet, delicate, and toasty flavor. Thus, a unique taste and contrast are achieved. In most Indian restaurants in Caulfield, it enhances curries and desserts.

Green cardamom:

This spice’s seductive perfume has given it the title “Queen of Spices.”It has a sweet flavor with hints of citrus, menthol, and seasoning. It is an essential and adaptable spice used in Indian cuisines served at Indian restaurants in Caulfield. Curry, rice dishes, meats, sweets, doughs, and beverages all use it.

Coriander seeds:

Rich Indian gravies are given a mild earthy flavor with a citrus accent by coriander or dhaniya seeds. In most cases, seeds are ground and combined with other spices. They are used as a condiment in various Indian meals, although lamb, hog, veal, and fish pair particularly well with them.


One of the most important spices in Indian cuisine, as well as many other cuisines around the world, is cumin. It has an unmistakable flavor: earthy, musky, bitter, and spicy. It combines chili, meats, beans, and legumes and is a staple in Indian curries.


If turmeric is striking, it is because of its bright orangish-yellow color. In medieval Europe, it was known as “Indian saffron” because of its similar color but lower cost. There are more than 30 turmeric varieties in India. Its sweet, warm, earthy, and slightly spicy flavor flavors curries, fried masses, poultry, vegetables, and rice.

So, when are you visiting one of those most popular Indian Restaurants in Ettalong Beach? Well, whenever you are, see if you can figure out all the spices used in those delicious dishes.

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