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7 Most Popular Japanese Dishes You Need To Try!

Japanese Dishes

Japanese food is the second choice in Asia—why?  The food is based on rice and noodles, which are easy to share as well as delicious. Food carries a distinct culture. Therefore, food is always considered the key part of defining the culture.

Japanese traditional food looks fresh and healthy. Almost every Asian country’s food is similar in taste and the process of making, except India.

Japanese food is popular among the local and extended area just because Asians love Japanese culture- the Anime, the packaging, the fashion, the cars, and Hello Kitty. Therefore, when people love to practice popular Japanese culture, they want to taste some Japanese traditional food too.

Here, we present well-known Japanese traditional food that someone who has an interest in Japanese culture must try.

Popular Traditional Japanese Food

We are not sure that you like all the foods on this list, but we can assure you that it will inspire you to try a few of them. Let’s check them out.

1. Sushi

Sushi is the most popular and tasty Japanese traditional food. When someone spells Japanese food, Sushi is something that comes first in mind.

Sushi takes the position as the most famous food in the world. It is commonly available in every country. You may understand that people want to try Sushi, and that is why the USA, Europe, and South Asia present this dish to food lovers.

Sushi is made with rice and raw seafood. Yet, there are different types of sushi available in Asia cuisine restaurants.

In many Japanese restaurant, the food is served in front of the customers, adding fresh quality.

2. Tempura

Many of us avoid eating fried food, but you can’t deny the taste of Tempura. In the fried food category, Tempura is one of the most favorite foods in Japan.  You’ll have vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin, shrimp, seaweed, and green beans with fish. Most of the time, porn is used to prepare this food.

Without sauce, Japanese food is literally incomplete. With this fried food, you will get the salty, savory sauce to dip while it’s eaten.  Some people also like Tempura with noodles or take it as a side dish of rice.

Tempura is popular among the Japanese as well as tourists. They usually try this food as a snack.

3. Ramen

Ramen is another traditional Japanese food. Although, the origin of this food is unclear. Many food historians claim that Ramen is Chinese food, but some of them do not accept it.

However, tourists and Japanese people like this dish with a different flavor. With so many types and flavors of Ramen, you never lose your choice.

Tonkotsu ramen is made with Pork bone which is popular among tourists. Ram is available in many flavors in different countries. Enjoy ramen after a workout or cold day. You definitely like this hot and tasty food.

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4. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is made with flour, water, egg, and chopped cabbage. It falls in the category of Pancake. There are many versions, including Kansai/ Osaka and  Hiroshima. In Japan, you will get all varieties of Okonomiyaki.

If you ask us which variant you must try— we would recommend trying Hiroshima. However, with different ingredients and processes of preparation, every variant carries a distinct flavor and taste.

Due to its popularity throughout Japan and relative countries, therefore tourists include this food in their favorite list.

5. Japanese Curry

As we said, when you try Japanese food, you may realize that it is similar to other Asian foods. Well, Japanese curry is one of the foods that can make you feel like that. Yet, tourists like to have this food.

Don’t think that this curry food would be similar to other curry dishes in India and Bangladesh. Japanese curry is different from Srilanka, Thailand’s curry food too.

This food is commonly served with hot rice. Moreover, you will get different curries, the most popular is katsu curry.  In Katsu Curry, the restaurant serves fried chicken or pork over hot rice and curry. It helps to fill your appetite.

6. Hotpot/ Shabu- Shabu

Shabu- Shabu  is known as Hotpot in Tokyo, Japan. This food is something that people enjoy in Japan. Don’t miss this when you are in japan. Eating traditional Japanese food in Japan can create a special experience.

Boiled vegetables and thin-cut meats are dipped into boiling water called Hotpot. When you eat, you need to take some sauce deep into the vegetables or boiled meat. It is popular because of its presentation and the way of eating.

Well, people are sometimes confused between Shabu-Shabu with other types of Japanese Hotpot. But there has a difference. “Japanese Hotpot is simmering all of the ingredients together before serving, Shabu Shabu is cooked bite-by-bite over the course of the meal, similar to fondue”— confirmed by Japanese Chef.

7. Yakitori

When you first see this food, you may consider it as kebab, but Yakitori carries a different flavor and taste. It is popular among the restaurant and local people because Yakitori is easy to find. It can be said almost everywhere you’ll get this food in Japan.

Those who like grilled chicken then must try this Japanese grilled chicken item.  It is a category of barbeque. This dish is made of chicken breast, skin, Thai, and liver parts. Visiting Japan must try it because it is pocket friendly to enjoy a night out.

On this note, this dish can be the perfect match with a few pegs of whisky. You will get this dis at every bar in Tokyo city.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we would like to wrap up by telling if you are someone who likes to try traditional Japanese food to understand the culture and people of Japan, then you should try all of them.

Every food is available in Japan. From Sushi to Yakitori, never disappoint you. Letus know which food you want to try first. Having already done any dishes? Please share your words in the comment section, we would like to know your words.

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