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Is Google Analytics Good? Some Pros & Cons!

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Google Analytics is a powerful analytics service that helps track and report crucial website data like bounce rate, traffic, etc.

Most of businesses are using Google Analytics to understand how their websites are doing. This is what makes this tool handy, data-rich, popular, and – most of all – free of cost.

But modern websites require something extra and more efficient.

Being the Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad and using this platform is not enough to beat today’s high-tech world and beat the competition.

Why Google Analytics is important

Do you ever wonder how websites know your location and redirect you to a webpage of a particular location?

Or, do you know why those ads appear after you visit a website, even only for some minutes?

Well, cookies – a big part of Google Analytics – are the reason behind this. These cookies help e-retailers, marketing managers, and e-Commerce managers to discover who to reach and how is the website performing.

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The following parameters are used to measure the performance of a website:

  • By whom your website is visited
  • How a user is interacting with your website
  • What actions or decisions did they take during the interaction?
  • E-Commerce data metrics such as average order value, customer lifetime value, etc.

As a result, online retailers want to use Google Analytics to boost the sales & marketing efforts of platforms such as Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.

What are the Pros & Cons of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is used with SEO, but like anything else, there are some pros and cons of it as well.

So let’s explore the pros first and then the cons of Google Analytics:


  • It’s free to use; therefore available for all
  • There are many certified academies where you can learn about Google Analytics in-depth
  • Rank the page on a popularity basis
  • It can be used n a variety of environments such as a mobile app, kiosks, website, and anything which is connected to the internet.
  • It’s easy to connect Google Analytics with Google Ads account
  • Discover real-time traffic records
  • It’s possible to collect data from various sources and platforms such as industry benchmarks, commerce connection, and more.
  • Build custom goals and track the eCommerce platform
  • Easy to export to Excel sheet
  • Create custom reports depending on your requirements. In this way, it’s easy to track detailed information for a specific industry.
  • Self-navigation is easy


You have to learn the language to understand the intricacies of Google Analytics. In reality, finding the right resources is difficult to find online, and the available instructions could be perplexing to those who are new to analytics.

The platform isn’t that user-friendly as many metrics, dashboards, user views, and settings are to be made to utilise the tool properly.

Google Analytics is free for all, but if your website traffic is high, you need to pay a hefty amount (almost $150,000).

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Article Source: Is Google Analytics Good? Some Pros & Cons!