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Internship at a Startup or Corporate Company– Where to Intern at?


Like thousands of your peers, you have probably applied for a long list of internships with some of the world’s leading businesses right now. Getting an internship with a well-known company is a great way to start your career for many reasons. Not only will it look great on your resume, but more well-known companies may also provide you with a plethora of additional benefits, including exciting locations, structured environments, training programs, working with interns your age, and discounted gyms and canteens. Some even provide wages comparable to or higher than the national average for graduates.

Sounds invigorating, isn’t that so? But have you thought about applying for internships at different kinds of businesses, like a start-up? It’s possible that applying for an internship at a start-up wasn’t your first thought. That’s why we put together this guide to help you understand other options and why an internship at a start-up might be a better option for you.

1. A start-up will give you a better chance of getting an internship.

Even though there will be plenty of internship spots, that still amounts to a lot of students applying for internships at large corporations! You will already have less competition and a better chance of getting the internship because not many people think about applying. This is frequently the result of a lack of awareness on the part of students, not because the experience at a start-up is inferior to that at a large corporation.

Large corporations typically have ideal candidates for internships in mind and have a lengthy and competitive application process. But startups have a completely different culture, as a result, they are more adaptable when selecting candidates. The application requirements are also different in a startup. It might place a greater emphasis on your prior employment experience than it does on your academic achievements, your passion, or what you could offer.

2. You’ll have a greater obligation in a startup.

As previously stated, an internship with a large, well-known company can provide numerous advantages; however, what will you be doing on a daily basis? Time and human capital are scarce resources in a startup; this indicates that you will likely begin working on actual projects right away, says the managementpaper writer. This may sound a little scary, but you’ll gain a lot of insight and real-world experience of how tasks are completed by working with a team to produce tangible results.

You will have a direct impact on the business and the market for its customers. You will have the self-assurance to take on new projects and just go with them once you are a part of a start-up. So you will benefit greatly from this and gain an advantage; when you apply for your first job, you will need it because many people who have internships at big companies may not have this real-world experience.

3. You’ll figure out how an organization works in a startup.

Working as an intern for a large corporation restricts your exposure to all aspects of a business. With hundreds of other interns and thousands of employees, the likelihood of this change is low because you are typically given tasks that revolve around a specific business area. As a result, you will complete your internship with a solid understanding of that business function but little else.

However, this is definitely not the case in a startup. Because start-ups typically have smaller teams, you’ll be able to see the big picture at a smaller company because you’ll be in the thick of it all and witness almost all of the company’s operations.

Another great thing about start-ups is that they like to keep all employees informed, encourage new ideas, and actively seek feedback from each other, says the eduhelphub expert. As a result, you will be a part of discussions that should ultimately result in positive changes for the business. If you’re not sure what you want to do in the future, this is a great opportunity because you can try out a variety of jobs and gain a lot of experience.

4. Working for a start-up will provide you with more feedback.

You will receive valuable feedback on your work given all of these responsibilities and the ability to work in various job functions. At a start-up, it will be much simpler to receive feedback from your peers than it will be at a larger company. This is due to the fact that you will be able to develop a stronger relationship with senior team members at a startup.

5. You’ll see a different kind of workplace culture.

Start-ups tend to be somewhat open, as opposed to working in an office with hundreds of cubicles and wearing business attire. Start-ups often choose to dress business casually and have open office spaces with large round tables where everyone works together. This is rarely the case in a corporate office because there are typically more cubicles and desks there and less space for interaction.


As you can see from this guide, working as an intern can be done in a variety of ways. The kind of work you can do and the working environment at a start-up are the main differences between big businesses and start-ups. Therefore, choosing which one to pursue ultimately comes down to which one is more compatible with your personality and career objectives.

However, this is definitely not the case in a startup. Because start-ups typically have smaller teams, you’ll be able to see the big picture at a smaller company because you’ll be in the thick of it all and witness almost all of the company’s operations.

If you want to work for some of the world’s largest companies in the future and rise to the top of those companies, getting an internship at a large corporation is ideal. Working as an intern in a start-up, on the other hand, will provide you with all of the necessary experience if your career objectives are to get into a company, assist a business in growing from the ground up, or even start your own business. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you, for more such useful guides, you may simply ask to write my papers with penmypaper and get all the assistance you need.