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Interior-design Trends That Will Disappear This Year

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Having a well-decorated living space has become necessity at the age of quarantine, isolation and work from home days. As now your dinning space plays multiple roles at a time. It can be your living room, indoor game space. Or sometime work space.  From 2020, people used to spend more time at their home than ever before.

 Now interior designers and architectures are experimenting with upgraded design, and try to bring a new look at your space.

Here we are going to talk about some old-fashioned interior design trends you should not follow this year.

Interior designing trends going to disappear this year

Shiplap has become outdated

Interior designer said that shiplap is the fastest fading interior-design trends. In 2010, people use waterproof boats, shiplaps to decorate their house environment. It get the maximum hype in 2010-2014. Shiplaps come in the every tv home makeover show, but now it has become outdated. Interior design now showered with plaster, tile, living wall, and rattan, and they has become famous these years.

Grey kitchen has become less popular

DenneseGouadeloups Rojas, a famous interior designer talk about the trend of having all gray kitchen cabinet and wall is disappearing. Gray kitchen interiors now look lack distinction and cold. Now this is the time of colours and bold trends. In 2021 indigo blue has become in the trend these years.

Matching furniture sets may start to look dated.

A very famous architecture and interior designer   Kobi Karp said that the matching furniture is considered to be unfashionable. Identical furniture and matched sofa set does not show your updated personality. Now it is the time of contrast, so it is better to select the non-matching furniture set with commentary design and colours instead of buying all furniture from a show room.

Mid-century trendy furniture has become old fashioned

Mid-century interior design comes from the style element of famous architecture in the 1950 to 1960, and it presently has become familiar. The famous architect and interior designer Heather Goerzen talk about the mid-century trendy furniture, he presumes that this is the time to finally the fashion would fade away. Now people prefer to decorate their dining room with Mad men look, try to put some geometric print, walnut wood in their designed space.

Barn doors are replaced with other style statement

Barn door was very popular since 2010, but now they lost their glamour as we are now in 2020s with new idea and different choice.  The old barn doors with painted in drab brown colour is replaced by classic French door, and pocket doors. French doors open outward and featured with high quality glass. Pocket doors directly attached with the adjacent wall.

Accent walls are not in trend this year

An accent wall is the wall painted and wall papered differently than other room. This trend was started to create a space more compelling., but modern interior designers said that the era of the accent wall is going to end. Now accent wall has become distracting and childish.  Now people shift towards monochromatic wall with seamless finish. Now monochromatic wall provides more elegant look at your space.

Artificial plants

You might see artificial plants at your parent’s house, since 2005 to 2012, people love to decorate their living room with artificial plants. Artificial Green plants are eye soothing, refreshing, and they don’t need any maintenance.  But again, the season of artificial plant is going to obsolete. Instead of artificial plants, people love to decorate their home with real flowers, and natural green because natural plans cleanse and purify the surrounding air, and alleviate the carbon footprint.

Floor cushion

Low beds and floor sitting arrangements were famous in 90s. But if you opt for furniture hire, they will suggest you to delete all these things, because now it looks so messy. Instead of floor cushion you can decorate your living room with space saving seating arrangements. It will look classy and elegant, also they do not occupy your space for all time.