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How to Support Who Is a Survivor of Sexual Assault?

Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney
If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you should hire Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney. They will provide you justice and make sure it won’t happen to anyone else you know.

The right approach for the victims of sexual abuse is to speak up about what has happened to them. They are the victims here; they should not be the ones to feel ashamed. They can contact a Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney to discuss their options. You should also know that sexual assault means any sexual action or intention of sexual activity, which is happening without your consent. If anyone is touching you inappropriately or asking for sexual favors, you should report that to authorities. 

Unfortunately, we are breathing in a world where some think it is our right to have sexual relations with anyone we want. They won’t care about the term free will as long as they are getting what they want. The problem with these types of persons is that you won’t know about their sick mentality until it’s too late. The only thing you could do in these situations is to be strong and fight for justice. When you speak for yourself, it will also give courage to other victims of sexual assault. Sometimes, sexual assault puts victims into a scared state, and the only way they can come out of that state is by seeing that someone is standing up for themselves. It will give them courage and hope to see justice being served to guilty people. 

Family Support Matters More Than Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Attorney

If you have any victim of sexual assault in your family, you should know that your support will matter more than any sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale. The attorney can only be helpful after something happens, but your support will be the most important thing in improving their mental health as a family member or friend. You should not make them feel ashamed about themselves. You should make sure that you will be there with them through every step. Now learn what you can do as their close ones to provide comfort to the victims of sexual abuse. 

Keep Your Calm

You should remain calm if someone close to you has been sexually assaulted, it will give them comfort knowing that you are there for them. If someone opens up to you about something that happened to them years back, you should not treat them as if they have done something wrong not to tell you. You should remain calm and treat them well so that they will know that they can count on you. You should know that it took them great courage to open up to you, and if you remain calm, it will give them hope and confidence. You should consult with a Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney to know what legal ways you can take against perpetrators. 

You should not abuse or threaten the guilty party in front of the victim, you may think that you are being supportive, but it can add more stress to already scared victims.

Keep Everything Confidential 

You should know that it is their secret to tell, not yours. You should let victims tell whomever they want. They may have opened up to you, but that does not mean they are ready to open up to everyone. You have to give them time to self-heal. You should let victims know that you are here for them whenever they need you. You should not do anything without asking them; it will give them confidence. You should even consult with a sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale when the victim feels it’s okay. 

Asking Permission

 The topmost priority after sexual assault is the mental health of victims. You can also consult with psychiatrists in this regard. They will recommend you the right ways to approach victims of sexual assault. If you do as instructed by psychiatrists, it will be beneficial for the mental health of victims. Doctors and psychiatrists recommend that your role become critical as a family member in these types of situations. You should take every step with precaution to rebuild the victim’s life. 

You should ask permission first before doing anything for the victim. It will give them confidence that they still have authority. If you want to do something for them or touch them, asking permission beforehand will make them feel secure. You should also know that if the victim declines your request, you should respect their decision and refrain from doing that until they allow you. It will go a long way in re-establishing the sense of hope and confidence in the victim. 

Encourage Them to Talk

You should politely encourage them to talk without invading their privacy. If the victim is not willing to talk to you yet, you can find someone they will talk to. You can also ask a Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney about what to do in this situation. There are many talk groups and communities of sexual assault victims. Being there may encourage sexual assault victims to talk. You should not rush anything in this regard and let the victim decide when and whom to talk to. When they are ready to speak, you should be present to listen to them. It will be beneficial for their mental state to get compassion from you. When you listen to them, it will give them self-assurance and hope that everything will be okay. Talking to other victims will also help them stand up for themselves. 

It’s A Continuous Process

You should know that your help is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process, which victims, not you, can only terminate. If someone in your circle trusts you enough to tell you what happened to them, you should not judge them for anything. You should let them know that whatever happens, it is not their fault. If victims want, you should take them to a sexual abuse advocate Fort Lauderdale to explore their legal options. If you do not live with the victim, you should check in regularly to see how they are doing. You should know that there are going to be many things you can’t handle by yourself. You should always be professional in the field to know what to do. 

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