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Fall is Coming! How to Keep Your Home Free From Pests During the Fall Season?


Falling leaves, wild breeze, and golden lawns are all signs that fall is coming. And everyone is ready for outside gatherings, long drives, and parties. Everything about this golden season is incredibly awesome except the stress of pest infestation. The risks of pest infestation are more common during the summer, but they also run to the inside areas of homes, offices, or other properties in search of warmth, food, and shelter. And they make nests in hidden places to go for winter sleep. 

Pests not only cause damage to the property but also risks serious health hazards. Getting rid of fall pests is extremely hard than summer pests. However, hiring the services of a pest exterminator in Surrey, Toronto, Vancouver, and other areas of Canada for annual pest treatment can help you to keep these unwanted and stressful guests from falling away from your property. And you can enjoy this beautiful season without stressing about the pests. 

Some Common Pests of Fall 

During fall you can witness various types of pests because all of them are in the search of a safe and warm place where they can easily get food and moisture without bearing the dangers of cold weather. However,  some common pests are 

Rodents: mice, rats, and some other rodents are the most common pests of fall. The reason is that they are sensitive to cold weather and can’t tolerate the lower temperatures. Therefore, they rush for hidden and warm areas present inside the homes or offices such as chimneys, pet doors, and Attic. 

Stinging Insects: various types of stinging insects including wasps, bees, and hornets also make inside nests to store food and hibernate for the winter season. They are very dangerous because, they contain poisonous material in their stings that can cause allergy, inflation, and in severe cases death of the victim. 

Flying insects. Fall is also the favorite season of flies, and bees to lock inside the homes and offices to avoid the coldness. These types not only cause property and health damages, but also irritation, and stress to the persons present in the surroundings and also pollute every food item that is uncovered. 

How To Protect Your Place From Pests Infestation 

Keeping the pests outside during fall is a daunting task. However, keeping regular checks and maintaining cleaning can help you to keep them away.  

Examine and Seal the Entrants Points 

Pests are creepy creatures that can make their way to your home even through small spaces, or crevices present in doors or windows. Therefore the very first step that can help you to keep pests away is to examine your place carefully, and not all the possible points of pests’ entrance. And block them. 

Use of winter tape to seal the gaps present in the od below doors and windows is an effective approach. Make sure to also block all the crevices, small holes, or openings present in doors, windows, and walls.  

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning maintenance is crucial to provide your loved ones with a fresh, stress-pests-free environment. The following tips can help you to keep your place clean.  

• Keep your kitchen counters and dining areas tidy and free from food leftovers, garbage, and unwashed dishes. 

• Store the food in airtight containers and keep all food items and water covered. 

• Wiped off the floor and shelves with water and pesticide solutions. 

• Throw all the garbage in the dust bins and keep them covered. 

• Keep the sink clean and dry.

• Keep all the areas moist-free. 

• Look for the leaking pipes and repair them 

• Regular dusting to keep your home dust free. 

• Vacuuming under sofa beds, and other furniture helps you to keep your hidden areas clean and pest free. 

Regular Check on Firewood 

Enjoying the warmth of fire along with tea and dry fruits is the best part of evenings during fall. But keep remembering that firewood is also the favorite place for pests to make nests and store food for the hibernation period. Therefore, it’s crucial to store firewood away from the living area and about 20ft above the surface. 

 In case of noticing pest infestation don’t risk playing with them blindly and hire professional pests such as ants, wasps, or rat control services to get rid of them. , 

Yard Maintenance 

 Walking or sitting on the lawn and feeling the crisp golden beauty if you fall under the feet is always a relaxing experience. However, the presence of pests can spoil this environment. Therefore make sure to keep a regular check on your garden. 

• Keep shady areas clean and moisture free.

• Wipe off all the food leftovers immediately after eating or drinking.

• Regular trimming of trees or plants to avoid pests nesting. 

• Clear all the water bodies 

• Use sharp-smelling flowers to keep pests away.  

Take Measures For Open Vents 

Almost all homes have some open vents such as chimneys, and pet doors. And through them, pests can easily get to your home and make nests in the safe zones. You can’t block these areas but can take measures to keep the pests outside. 


Putting a screen over open vents is the best option because you can easily remove it when necessary and then put it on again after completing the work. 

Professional Pest Control Services 

Often people consider ant, rodents, or wasp control services necessary only in the case of pest infestation. While you can also contact professionals for pest protection guidance, especially during the change of seasons. It will help you to prepare for the upcoming threat of pest infestation with the change of weather and essential guidance to treat early-stage pest infestation. 


Care is always a better, economic, and stress-free approach than a cure to protect your home or workplace from pests during all seasons, especially in summer or fall. Therefore, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and keep the risks of pest infestation away.  Because once they enter your home it becomes harder to get rid of them. They not only cost you health and property damages but also mental stress and an irritating environment. However, taking the services of a professional pest exterminator in Surrey, and other cities of Canada can help you in the complete eradication of these creepy creatures.