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How to Implement a Pixel-perfect iOS UI Design?


Most of us are aware of iPhone X that uses cutting-edge technology and is futuristic also. This phone has been unveiled by Apple in September 2017. For creating a feature of Super Retina Display some new apps were required to be developed and for developing these apps, the information had already been given to the developers of the iOS app by Apple just 2 days before its development.

So, to design the applications of iOS, the use of traditional ways was considered by the developers. There was a possibility of excitement as well as some challenges to be faced by the developers in their journey. For the designers of the User Interface, the case is the same. On the conventional designs of the old school, the designers of the User Interface need not work anymore. For sharpening the skills of designing and creativity, the UI developers can leverage new opportunities that the process will provide to them.

The features of advanced level are present in the iPhone X. The Apple Store’s best device is the iPhone that is the new one. It has features like:

  • Wireless charging
  • A processor that is faster and advanced
  • FaceID
  • A Super Retina Display of OLED

In order to make features like these, an important role needs to be played by the designers of User Interface so that the entire world can use and enjoy them.

Now I am going to tell you how to implement a Pixel-perfect iOS UI design.

Focus on the screen’s bottom

The designers of the User Interface have to consider the iPhone screen’s bottom. Previously the app could be used for having the control elements in iPhone’s earlier versions. However, a home indicator is not present with iPhone X. Now a question arises that in place of the home key what the designers will use? For unlocking the screen there is a feature of swiping the black line. At the time of using an app by a user, the home key needs to be seen and for doing this the designers were suggested by Apple. But if someone thinks that in the app’s certain features, a hide option is necessary then he can go for using that option too.

Safe area and status bar

The screen of the iPhone needs to have a safe area and so consider how to implement this. Apple offers some guides for a safe area and you can get assistance from these so as to implement a safe area. Elements that are important need not be placed there. In the center, the content needs to be kept in a symmetry.

If the status bar of Apple updates, then for getting this information the designer of User Interface always needs to be ready. As compared to the iPhone 8 the status bar’s height is two times in iPhone X. It is 22 pt in iPhone 8 and 44 pt in iPhone X. There are two parts of the status bar.

Now consider the edges

For adjusting the speaker and the front camera the shape of the iPhone X is like the scallop and its edges are round. In order to select the landscape mode, the designer of the User Interface possesses the necessary skills. Adding so much content will be possible because of this.


The authentication of FaceID is a new feature present in iPhone X. In the previous versions of the iPhone, the key to home was the Touch ID but it is not present in iPhone X. Therefore, you need to ensure that instead of implementing the Touch ID in the apps of iOS, the FaceID has been implemented by you.

Instead of buttons considers the gestures

The buttons have been replaced by the new gestures and for working on these gestures the freedom has been given to the designers of the User Interface by the iPhone X. According to your requirement, it is possible to customize the new gestures.

Use color space named Display P3

A UI designing’s aspect that is most important is to pick the right colors. For connecting with people who use iPhones, colors are very helpful. A color space known as Display P3 is a concept that Apple uses. With this, enhancing the iPhone app graphics’ overall aesthetics is possible by using the broad colors’ spectrum and the developer of User Interface can pick any of the shades given in it as per his requirement.

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