How to Choose Electric Clothes Hangers?

With the development of science and technology, household clothes drying racks are becoming more and more advanced.

Electric clothes drying racks can not only automatically rise and fall under the instructions of remote control. But also have functions such as ultraviolet disinfection, silent air drying, and drying. Which solves the distress of drying clothes on cloudy and rainy days.

Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric clothes drying racks. How to choose electric clothes drying racks Wayfair Discount Code NHS.


The electric clothes hanger has many functions, not only can remotely control and automatic lifting. But also has functions such as ultraviolet disinfection and drying. So it has many functions, and the price will be more expensive than ordinary manual clothes hangers.

In terms of selection, it is necessary to consider the maintenance and after-sales troubles caused by multiple functions. So it is recommended to choose a brand-name drying rack with better quality and reputation.

There are many types of electric clothes hangers, which are convenient for users to choose from various needs. Users can choose electric clothes hangers with more functions according to the actual situation of their own homes.

If the home balcony has better ventilation and light transmission, I just want to choose some. The ultraviolet radiation disinfection function does not need to have the effect of air drying and drying.

You can only choose a drying rack with one function, which saves money and can achieve the required effect.

The structure and material selection of electric clothes hangers from various manufacturers are different, and the emphasis on product functions is also different.

Some clothes hangers have higher requirements for air-drying and drying quality. So the selected materials are better, the air outlets are also Big, and the mute is better. Therefore, when the demander chooses, he can focus on consideration and choice.


The structure of an electric drying rack also has a variety of structures, including embedded, external hanging, and internal hanging.

Each form has various advantages and disadvantages. It is more complicated than the hanging type. It is recommended that the new home choose this drying rack.

The hanging-type electric drying rack is relatively simple to install, but the appearance is not as beautiful as the previous one, and the function is basically the same.

According to your needs, you can choose the upper part of the ceiling to be smaller than the lower part of the clothes, or you can choose the upper and lower parts to be the same length structural form.

It is recommended that there are few people in the family and the balcony space is small to choose the one shown in the picture.

In short, the advanced nature of electric clothes hangers has brought many conveniences and benefits to life, but the installation is more complicated than ordinary clothes hangers. The situation and other comprehensive considerations are selected.


  • There are many benefits of electric drying racks, but cost and after-sales service must be considered.
  • The structure of the electric clothes rack is different, and the cost of installation is different.

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  • electric clothes rack


Compared with traditional clothes rail

The electric clothes hanger is the lifting of the clothes drying pole, and the traction rope is retracted and retracted by using a hand crank or a small electric hoist.

When this product first came out, the drying rod was made of stainless steel round tubes, with a single style, and it was only used as a convenient tool for drying clothes.

However, as time goes by, more and more manufacturers consume clothes drying racks, and the competition is increasing. There are more and more styles of clothes hangers, and more and more beautiful clothes hangers.

Now the clothes hangers are not only a tool for drying, but also evolved into a kind of decoration, becoming a scenic line of the balcony.

Various accessories of the drying rack are also emerging in an endless stream, and each accessory can be used as an ornament to decorate the balcony of a modern family.

Compared with the traditional clothes rail, it has more functions such as wireless remote control, energy-saving lighting, intelligent drying, light wave sterilization, stopping when encountering obstacles, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of clothes drying and the convenience of use.

Especially on rainy days, traditional clothes rails cannot meet the drying needs of the family. With electric clothes racks, clothes can be dried even when there is no sun.

Compared with Hand Drying Rack

Appearance comparison: The lines of the hand-operated clothes drying rack are relatively abrupt, and the appearance lacks aesthetic feeling; the wire rope is not neat and beautiful enough.

The appearance design of the electric clothes rack is stylish and elegant, the whole body is an integrated design, streamlined shape, simple and fashionable science and technology.

Functional comparison: The hand-operated clothes drying rack has fewer clothes poles, which cannot meet the drying needs of the family, and it needs to be lifted manually when drying clothes, which is troublesome to operate, time-consuming and laborious.

The electric clothes hanger has a large load-bearing capacity and can dry more clothes and quilts; it adopts digital remote control technology, and the control is not limited by obstacles in the direction, and the operation is easy science and technology.

The electric clothes hanger comes with LED lighting, light wave sterilization, intelligent air-drying and other functions, so it is not afraid of rainy days The clothes are no longer dry and mouldy; the unit will stop when it encounters obstacles during the descent to avoid injury.

How to choose a clothes hanger? What brand of clothes hanger is good

The automatic lifting drying rack breaks the material, style and function of the traditional drying rack, and has won constant praise in the market science and technology.

So, how to choose a drying rack? What brand of drying rack is good? Here, I will provide some experience and references for those friends who are thinking of buying.

Choose according to the material

When you buy clothes racks, you should consider the material of the clothes racks, because most of the inferior clothes racks are poor in texture, prone to deformation, rust, poor bearing capacity, etc.

And have a short service life; most of the high-quality clothes racks are Made of high-quality stainless steel, the texture is harder, the load-bearing capacity is better, and it has good corrosion resistance.

You don’t have to worry about the load-bearing problem when you dry more clothes, and the service life is longer Lakeland Discount Code NHS.

Choose according to the function

I believe that one thing with multiple purposes is the first choice for every consumer to shop. Therefore, when purchasing clothes racks science and technology, you should pay attention to the functions of the clothes racks.

They can be stretched and can be assembled into multi-functional storage racks and shoe racks according to individual needs. Clothes hangers are more suitable for the needs of the public. A clothes hanger can meet different needs and is more practical

Shop for convenience

Clothes hangers may need to be moved frequently during use. It is recommended that you try to buy some clothes hangers with casters when purchasing clothes hangers so that no matter how the clothes hangers need to be moved.

You only need to push them lightly. It is in the right position, and it is safer, less labour-saving and more convenient to use.

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