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How To Build Quality Links From Resource Pages

Quality Links

Though resource page link building is not new in the digital market, till now it is one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rate. You may have heard of link building but resource page link building is slightly different from it. In case you find it difficult to cope with this tactic, you can visit blogger outreach services for a proper solution. 

What Is Resource Page?

A resource page is the part of a group of informative and useful articles or guides that are generally related to a website. 

Types Of Resource Pages

Typically there are two types of resource pages. And they are,

  1. Tries and True: These pages can be found on competitors’ websites and are proven winners. 
  1. Fresh and Bold: These pieces of content are designed in order to take you on the edge of whatever new is happening in your niche. 

The best resource center incorporates both of these elements. This makes sure that your pages are unique and better than what is available elsewhere. This also increases the chances of being found for many unique searches. 

What Is Resource Page Link Building?

Resource page link building is the practice of getting backlinks from those web pages that curate and link out to some useful industry resources.

When your page is added to someone’s resource page, your link definitely makes their page better. And this is because all the resource pages are designed for linking with awesome pieces of content on their websites. 

So, in case you already have a resource, which can be a great fit for a resource page, you will easily get a link. It is a bit similar to guest posting services.

How To Build Quality Links From Resource Pages?

Before starting it needs to be clear that only if you have a piece of content that is worth a link then you should go forwards. Without a piece of quality content, there is actually no point to run with this tactic. Generally, your content should be a tool, blog post, or any other kind of informational resource. It also can be your home page, only if your website has enough value. 

In case you are ready to go, here is the guide for you. The whole process is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps,

1. Find Relevant Resource Pages

Isn’t it obvious that resource page link building will start with searching for resource pages? You will be happy to know that most resource pages use the same term. So, it has become quite easy for you to find resource pages with those terms. And mostly “links” is the common term that most of the resource pages generally use as their title. So, in case you use “links” as your keyword, you will be able to find plenty of resource pages.

In order to make your job a bit easier here are the search strings that you can use for finding resource pages,

  •  Keyword “best resources.”
  • Keyword” useful resources.”
  • Keyword intitle:links.
  • Keyword inurl:resources.
  • Keyword “helpful links.”

There are also many resource pages are available that do not contain a list of links only. Just like a normal resource page, they also create content. But any term like “resources” is there on their pages. So, the search strings that I have told earlier will not work in this case. But you do not need to worry about it, because I have also some other search strings that will help you to find those pages. These search strings are,

  • Keyword “blog awards.”
  • Keyword “places to learn.”
  • Keyword “best sites.”
  • Keyword “best blogs.”

2. Examine The Pages

After you gather thousands of resource pages, it is time to examine those pages by their prospects. And the process of examining these pages is consists of two steps,

  1. Filtration and elimination on the basis of metrics,
  2. Manual review.

So, in the first step using some SEO metrics you need to wipe out some junk without visiting those pages. And once you are done with filtration and eliminated some junkies you can manually review those pages. Visit those shortlisted pages and go through them in order to get a better understanding. 

There are several online tools are available, that will help you in performing metric-based filtration and eliminate those pages that are not worth enough. At the same time, you will be able to review multiple pages and by comparing their metric results you can easily cut down poor-performing resource pages from your list. 

After this, it is time to perform manual reviewing as I have mentioned earlier. After the filtration, you have eliminated most of the junkies that were on your list. Here you will need to look for pages where including your link will add value. You also need to put some effort to do that so that your conversation rate can reach to the peak. 

3. Reach Out To Them And Suggest Your Resource

So, after the metric-based filtration and elimination along with manual reviewing, you have the list of most suitable resource pages for your links. Now you need to take the initiative to contact them and ask them to use your resource by including it on their pages. 

Trust me this is the easiest part of the whole resource page link-building process. In case you find that your content will add value to the page, you just need to let the concerned person know that your content does exist. 

In order to do so, you simply can send a personalized email to them. Or in case they have any specific process, you can follow that as well. Such as many resource pages have a contact form. You can fill in the required details and can wait for their reply. 

Final Tip

Resource page link building definitely adds value to your content and also helps you to increase your conversion rate with enhanced brand marketing. But you need to do it in a proper way. Finding the most suitable process is really crucial in building quality links from resource pages. 

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