How Do I Register A Car In Maine From Another State?

Register a car

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) requires that you register your car there within 30 days of moving to Maine from another state. While moving from another state, you can discover that reading auto shipping reviews will aid in your decision on the best means of transportation for bringing your car to your new location.

You’ll also require new motor insurance that meets Maine’s legal requirements. This helpful guide will help you with everything from registration to transportation to finding the most affordable car insurance that complies with state requirements.

Car Registration

You must present specific documentation to the BMV office in order to prove ownership and residency within the state. To register your vehicle in Maine, you must take the following papers to your nearby BMV office:

  • Your car’s title for out-of-state vehicles
  • A completed Certificate of Title and Registration Application is required for your registration as a non-resident (Form MV7)
  • proof of automobile insurance (an insurance card or policy declaration page)
  • a duplicate of your license or another identity document
  • The required registration fee

If your car is financed, you must additionally get a lien release from your lender.

You can register your vehicle in person at any Maine BMV site once you have collected all the required documentation. Even though you must include payment in the form of a check or money order, you can register by mail as well. Because many processes are automated, check online to see whether you might be able to complete your registration and title transfer utilizing the safe internet.

Auto Insurance

After registering your vehicle, you’ll need new auto insurance that satisfies Maine’s legal minimum requirements. Because these requirements differ from those in other jurisdictions, be sure to shop around and compare rates before obtaining insurance.

Maine’s minimum insurance requirements are as follows:

  • $50,000 in liability for each occurrence of bodily harm
  • Liability of $100,000 per incident for bodily injury
  • Property damage liability of $25,000
  • $50,000 in bodily harm liability coverage for uninsured drivers per person
  • For uninsured drivers, bodily injury coverage of $100,000 per accident

In addition to liability insurance, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandated for all drivers in Maine. No matter who caused the crash, PIP will pay your medical expenses and lost wages if you are wounded.

Car Insurance: How To Save


When searching for auto insurance, enquire about any discounts that can help you save money. For instance, many insurance companies offer discounts for passing a driving safety course. You may also be qualified for a discount if you agree to install an anti-theft device in your car or have a flawless driving record.


If you want to save money on your auto insurance, think about bundling your coverage with renters’ or homeowners’ insurance. By combining the two plans, you can manage your insurance requirements more conveniently and save money.

To get a quote that includes renters’ insurance, homeowners insurance, and auto insurance, get in touch with your insurance provider. You can also ask for quotes from various insurers to compare prices and coverage options.

Shop around

Comparing costs before buying auto insurance is advantageous. It is imperative to compare prices before buying insurance because premiums charged by different insurers may be very different.

The best way to find the lowest-cost vehicle insurance is to compare rates from various insurers. Use an online quote generator or get in touch with insurers directly to get pricing quotes. Make careful research pricing for policies with comparable coverage limits and deductibles to ensure an accurate comparison.

While comparing pricing, you may also want to take the insurer’s financial stability, customer service, and claims-handling practices into consideration. These factors might have an effect on how satisfied you are overall with your policy.

The best way to find the lowest-cost vehicle insurance is to compare rates from various insurers. Use an online quote generator or get in touch with insurers directly to get pricing quotes. Make careful research pricing for policies with comparable coverage limits and deductibles to ensure an accurate comparison.

Law Enforcement Interactions

If you get a new auto insurance policy, keep your registration and proof of insurance in your vehicle. You will be asked to show these documents if the police pull you over or if you are in an accident. By following the steps listed here, you may ensure that you are in compliance with Maine’s requirements for auto insurance and registration.

Inspection before registering

You might also need to have your car inspected before registering.

The Maine BMV mandates that every vehicle registered in the state of Maine go through a safety inspection every year. Several things are looked for during the inspection, including:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Steering
  • Seats
  • Seat belts
  • Windshield wipers and fluid
  • Horn
  • Exhaust system

You can take your car to any licensed inspection station in Maine to get it checked out. You must have your registration and insurance documentation with you for the inspection. When your car passes the inspection, you will be given a certificate that you must show to the BMV in order to register it.

If you’re relocating to Maine from another state, registering your car and getting new insurance is a simple process. By performing the steps listed below, you may be sure that you are in compliance with all of Maine’s requirements.

For further information, speak to the Maine BMV office that is closest to you.

Transporting your car for your move

Before tackling the challenges of registering and insuring it, you must consider how you’ll transport your car from your present residence to your new one in Maine.

Consider having your car shipped by a transport company so you can focus on the specifics of moving everything else. If you want to follow this path, thoroughly study the firm you will be dealing with to ensure that it is reputable and reliable. Once you’ve chosen a company, get quotes from several other service providers to compare costs.

You can drive your car on your own as well. This can be a less expensive choice if you’re simply traveling a short distance. If you’re moving a long distance, you might want to consider having your car delivered to save yourself the time and hassle of traveling.

Once you’ve decided how to transfer your car, be sure you have the required insurance coverage. Your current policy might cover you while you’re driving your car to your new address, though it’s always important to confirm with your insurer in advance to be sure.

Moving to a new state can be scary, but by doing these things, you can make sure that you’re in line with all of Maine’s laws.

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