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Hair Balding: How Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

Getting long and thick hair is everyone’s dream. But, a gigantic number of folks often face the situation of hair fall or loss. However, the reasons occurring hair loss are many. But, some causes resolve naturally after a certain period, such as Telogen effluvium. But, if alopecia is hereditary, you can suffer from body hair loss that is not reversible naturally. However, a professional hair surgeon can treat this condition due to stress, scalp infections, aging thyroid, etc. But, there are also many things that one can do to prevent massive hair fall. This post will let you know ways to stop hair loss and myths connected with this condition.

Plant-based foods

People often gossip that eating healthy food could lead to healthy hair and hair loss prevention. But, they usually do not get what to eat, right? So, when choosing the right diet, you must choose plant-based foods. This diet includes fresh herbs, raw vegetables, nuts, fruits, and whole grains. This is also known as the Mediterranean diet that can benefit male and female pattern baldness.

Protein-rich foods

Hairs are made of protein that is known as Keratin. So, you can experience excess hair loss if the protein deficiency is high. Subsequently, the solution to this nutritional deficiency is a protein-rich diet. You can consider eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, cheese, and beans, etc., that may prevent hair loss. You can even get amino acids that act as building blocks of protein in the body and hairs with these foods.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also essential for the human body that can prevent many diseases and body hair loss. It contains the retinoid capable of maintaining a healthy rate of hair growth. Getting a good amount of Vitamin A can also trigger sebum production that is vital to keep the scalp healthy. You can consider sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, cod liver oil, etc.


If you are experiencing massive hair loss due to male or female pattern baldness, you can consider PRP. This medical treatment can work amazingly to stop hair loss and stimulate growth. The procedure will draw plasma from your blood to inject into the scalp to activate follicles to grow hair. This is the best hair treatment recommended by pro hair surgeons in recent times.

Proper hair care

Indecent care of hairs could also lead to falling at any age. So, it is necessary to take good care of hair if you want them to keep healthy and growing. Routine washing and shampooing can help to keep the hairs and scalp clean. This could eradicate all the dirt and grime in the scalp to keep it dry and nourished. But, you must use mild or herbal shampoo for hair cleansing.

Now, switch to the common myths related to hair loss.

Wearing a cap causes hair damage.

If you wear a cap or hat, you might consider this misconception true, right? However, if you think, you are not alone, as many people have such false notions. But, there is nothing like that, as hair follicles need oxygen that they get from your blood. So, if you wear a hat, it will not stop the hairs from getting enough oxygen. So, this is one of the silly hair loss myths that is busted.

Stress is the enemy of hair.

Yes, this is true that stress is an enemy, but not only for hairs. It can affect your whole health adversely, so stay stress-free. But, this is not majorly contributing to hair loss. However, stress and anxiety could lead to temporary hair loss, reversible. But, if you think you will go bald entirely with stress, this is not true.

Hair loss is for elders only.

No! This is purely a misconception that needs to be debunked right now. You might hear a lot that you will lose your hair as you cross 50. But, this is just a notion that people have stored in their minds. Body hair loss has nothing to do with age. It could start at your teenage or might not even affect your older age. It all depends upon the strength of your hair and can occur due to male and female pattern baldness.

Genetics hair loss is related to the mother.

This is typically an old wives’ tale related to hair loss. You can get genetic hair loss from any of your family, and that is true. Genetics hair loss can also occur from your grandfather, father, or paternal uncle. If your maternal uncle is bald, you cannot predict that you will also go bald someday.

Sun can damage hair.

Another point of hair loss myths that is common among people suffering from this condition. Sun exposure is bad for skin if it is in excess. However, it cannot lead to hair fall or loss because UV rays cannot harm follicles. However, it could make your hair dry when under the sun for longer. But, if you think that you can lose all your hair due to the sun, this is a silly belief. 

Only men suffer from hair loss.

Gender discrimination does not happen among hair loss. However, ladies can experience this condition greater than men due to managing routine chores and stress. Women also suffer from this situation due to several reasons such as hormones, diet, and pregnancy, etc.

What are the Types of Hair Loss

Anagen effluvium: Medication that poisons a growing hair follicle causes this (like chemotherapy).

Telogen effluvium: An increased number of hair follicles reaching the telogen phase, or the period where hair comes out, causes this.

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL)/baldness: This is the most common type. Hair thins on top and on the sides of the head.

The Bottom Line

Try to avoid people who are spreading wrong beliefs about hair fall or loss. It is wise not to believe in hair loss myths unless you have research-based evidence. All these myths are wrong as they are not proven. Hair loss is a condition that can occur due to many medical and nutritional problems. So, it is advised you to prevent this situation by following useful tips.