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Growth of the Firemaking Skill in osrs

firemaking in osrs

Firemaking is one of the most popular skills in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), and it has undergone significant growth and changes since its introduction. Today, we will explore the history, mechanics, and growth of the Firemaking skill in OSRS, as well as its importance in the game of firemaking training osrs.

History of Firemaking in OSRS

Firemaking has been a part of RuneScape since its release in 2001. The skill was introduced to the game as a way for players to light fires, cook food, and provide light in dark areas of the game world. Over the years, the skill has grown in popularity and has become an essential part of the game.

In OSRS, Firemaking has undergone several changes since its introduction. One of the most significant changes was the addition of new logs that players can burn. These logs provide different amounts of experience, and some of them have unique effects, such as the ability to summon fire spirits.

Mechanics of Firemaking in OSRS

To train Firemaking in OSRS, players must have a tinderbox and logs. They can light the logs on fire by using the tinderbox on the logs. The logs will then burn, providing experience and heat. The experience gained from burning logs varies depending on the type of log, with higher-level logs providing more experience.

In addition to burning logs, players can also participate in Firemaking-related minigames such as Wintertodt and Shades of Mort’ton. These minigames provide unique rewards and experience gains, making Firemaking an important skill for players who want to participate in them.

The Importance of Firemaking in OSRS

Firemaking is an important skill in OSRS for several reasons. First, it provides a source of heat, light, and cooking while exploring the game world. Without the Firemaking skill, players would be limited in their ability to explore and survive in the game world.

Additionally, Firemaking is essential for some quests in the game. For example, the Desert Treasure quest requires players to light fires in specific locations to unlock doors and progress through the quest.

Firemaking also provides a source of income for players. Players can collect and burn logs, then sell the ashes and burnt logs for a profit. Some logs, such as the magic logs, are particularly valuable and can fetch a high price on the Grand Exchange.

The Growth of Firemaking in OSRS

Since its introduction, Firemaking has grown significantly in popularity among OSRS players. In the early days of the game, Firemaking was not a popular skill, as it provided limited benefits and was seen as tedious and time-consuming.

However, as the game evolved and new content was added, Firemaking became a more popular skill. The addition of new logs, minigames, and rewards made Firemaking a more attractive skill to train.

One of the most significant additions to Firemaking in OSRS was the introduction of the Wintertodt minigame. This minigame requires players to light braziers to keep a giant ice demon at bay. The minigame provides significant rewards, including unique items and experience gains. Wintertodt has become one of the most popular Firemaking-related activities in the game, and many players train their Firemaking skill primarily through this minigame.

Another reason for the growth of Firemaking in OSRS is the addition of new cosmetic items that players can unlock by reaching higher Firemaking levels. These items, such as Firemaking skillcapes and Infernal Adze, provide players with a sense of accomplishment and status.

Future of firemaking in osrs

The future of Firemaking in OSRS looks bright, as the developers continue to add new content and features to the skill. It is possible that new logs or minigames will be added, providing even more opportunities for players to train and enjoy the skill. Additionally, the developers may introduce new cosmetic items or rewards for high-level Firemaking, which could motivate players to train the skill even further. With its importance to the game world, the Firemaking skill will continue to be a significant part of OSRS, and it will likely see further growth and expansion in the future.

Future of osrs the game

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular MMORPG with a large and dedicated player base. The game has been around for many years, and its developers are always working on new updates and features to keep the game fresh and engaging. Here are some of the upcoming plans for OSRS.

Group Ironman Mode

One of the most highly anticipated updates is Group Ironman Mode, which will allow players to work together to complete tasks and progress through the game. This mode will enable players to form groups of up to five and share resources and items.

New Quests

New quests are always in the works, and players can look forward to engaging storylines, challenging puzzles, and exciting rewards. Developers have stated that they want to focus on adding more “quality over quantity” content, meaning that players can expect new quests to be meaningful and impactful to the game’s story.

New Skills

While it’s unlikely that a new skill will be introduced to OSRS anytime soon, developers have teased the possibility of expanding on existing skills. This could include new items, training methods, or content that would keep players engaged in the game for even longer.

Mobile Optimization

The game has already made the move to mobile devices, but developers are still working on optimizing the game for mobile gameplay. This includes improving the user interface and making the game more accessible to those who prefer to play on their phones or oldschool runescape on tablet.

Improvements to PvP

The developers have stated that they want to make some changes to the way PvP works in the game. This could include adjusting the mechanics of combat, introducing new items, or rebalancing existing items to make PvP more enjoyable and rewarding for players.


OSRS has a bright future ahead, with many exciting updates and features in the works. From new quests and skills to optimizations for mobile gameplay and improvements to PvP, players have a lot to look forward to.

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