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How To Choose Golf Club For Seniors (And Why)

Golf Club

The magic wands can change the magic’s mode like the golf balls, and the golf club can change the mode of the game. The different kinds of golf clubs have different characteristics, and these qualities have the potential to change the mode of the game.

If you are a senior golf player, then the tournaments are your most prioritized work, but if you choose the wrong golf club for the tournaments you may be losing the winning game. The golf club’s height, weight, and material can change the mode of the game.

The best golf club, along with the best golf balls for seniors, has so much potential that your mode of swing and strike can change from the very first game of golf.

If you are going to ask about the high handicappers, they rarely use multiple golf clubs, which is also applicable for the low handicappers. They are also not carrying many alternatives to the golf clubs.

Golf clubs are basically famous for their golf sticks which players use. There is a number of golf clubs around the world that are very expensive in nature.

5 Best Golf Club For The Seniors And The Professional Players

The best golf balls for high handicappers are easily available in the market, but what about the golf club? The high handicappers rarely get the option to change their golf clubs. If you are not carrying enough golf clubs in the tournaments, the game can be hampered.

The best golf club means the lightweight graphite club with a good amount of forgiveness is the best choice for the senior’s golf club.

Here is the list of the top five golf clubs for seniors and professional players.

1. Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Set

Features :

  • The Wilson Ultra is a hybrid graphite shaft with an attached headcover.
  • The shifts are made with forged titanium 460 CC oversized drivers with powerful weighing technology.
  • Each club includes six irons and graphite shafts.
  • The grip is strong and all weatherproof.
  • The lightweight club is helping to strike from the fairway and help to play rough.
  • This hybrid club is easy to hit the shallow face and the high launched technology in making this club a more efficient performer.
  • The lightweight clubs are helping you to stick long, and a low center of gravity gives you more control over the ball.
  • The high-quality headcover helps you preserve the wood, and the soft fleece keeps the club protected from outside environments.

2. TaylorMade M2 Men’s Golf Set


  • The 180-degree hostel and the ultra-thin top line provided high launching and credibility quality.
  • Taylor-made M2 is a good combination of max cor and low CG.
  • The MI-iron-engineered club is proving the better face slot and the better forgiveness on each strike.
  • A good head design is one noticeable quality among these iron and specially designed for the turf interaction.
  • The offset is minimum, and the thin top line and the shorter blade length is making these irons suitable to play any professional games.
  • Each golf shaft is made with high quality and density tungsten.
  • The lower CG of the shafts is increasing the launch along with the ball’s speed.

3. Callaway Men’s Strata Set


  • This hybrid shaft is made for the versatility of the shots and to improve forgiveness.
  • The progressive sole width technology has improved control over the balls.
  • The base material is fairway wood and irons and it improves the driving capability, and the sole width technology is giving you vast control.
  • The club is best to shoot the difficult long iron with a good protective headcover.
  • The full set comes with 12 different accessories.
  • The stand bag is lightweight and durable. It comes with five convenient pocket systems with a cooler pocket and rain hood.
  • Each set comes with five improved controls, and five clubs, and clubs are giving you perfect accuracy and the right alignments.

4. Callaway Strata Tour Golf Set


  • This is the best alternative to shooting the long irons and helps to shoot with much more difficulty.
  • This is a  hybrid golf club that comes along with the headcover.
  • The titanium head and the 440 CC forged driver help you strike the balls at long distances.
  • The forging fairway wood and the aerodynamic head shape are giving you more confidence, and long and flying shots are becoming easy to strike. 
  • The stainless steel irons are the best to shoot from the long way, and the mallet putter with visual alignments gives you perfect visual accuracy.
  • The stand bag material is long-lasting, and the good material of the stand bag is helping you to preserve the golf irons.
  • Noodle golf balls are the best pairing that goes to increase the playability of the game.

5. Wilson Women’s Full Golf Set


  • The lightweight graphite shafts.
  • This golf club is specially designed for women. The lightweight golf club is making the games easy to play.
  • The grips are soft and support the all-weather.
  • The club is best for the high driver and improving the speed along with the distance covered.
  • The 431 stainless steel iron is proving the low center of gravity and improving the accuracy of the strike.
  • The lightweight cart bag is included with the set, and the fleece-lined valuable pockets are improving the multi-functionality of the cart bag.
  • The wide sole is improving the shot quality and control.

Bottom Line

Recreational golfers are now starting to give much more attention to their golf club and the balls. Hence, they already know that before playing professional golf tournaments, the strike and the swing, and other technicalities work as game-changing factors in the golf games. All five golf clubs are best with the performance and quality-wise if you are a professional or senior player, then these clubs can easily change your game mode.

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