Give a brief description about the boiler economizer and its working


Define a boiler economizer

A flue gas heat recovery unit or a boiler economizer is a heat exchanger installed on a boiler stack. It develops to recover wasted heat. Economizers can establish during a retrofit on an existing system or new boiler installation. A boiler economizer is used to improve the steam boiler system’s efficiency. An economizer is a kind of heat exchanging device. If you are considering installing an economizer boiler at your factory or industry, come to the Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer firm in India.

The economizers are typically designed in different sizes or shapes per their particular boiler application because a single size will not fit all. Additionally, the scope of this unit decides the performance of its system. This is the reason that all economizers develop in various sizes or shapes. Obtain estimated results for a new economizer per your boiler’s real-world flue temperatures, then balance economizers as per the manufacturer’s guaranteed stack temperature or duty. You can recover excessive heat if your boiler holds a lower stack temperature. High-duty and lower stack temperatures are reasonable. Stack temperature (every 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.44 °C)) can save almost one percent of fuel.

Economizers are the best option to recover thermal energy that may lose in stack exhaust. To take the advantage of wasted heat efficiently in an economizer, there must be a fluid that can efficiently use that amount of heat. The temperature of heat fluid must be lower than the flue gas. For most steam boilers consider fluid as boiler feedwater.

Working of the boiler economizer

High-pressure steam boiler stack temperatures often vary as per their range, such as 650 degrees F to 400 degrees F. The exhausting high-temperature wastes energy. This is where boiler economizers come into action to overcome that heat loss. Do not forget that you have a necessity of fluid that can utilise the heat and its temperature is lower than the flue gas. If you want to install a wide variety of steam boilers, pay your visit to the Steam Boiler Economiser in Yamunanagar.

Dry economizer: Feed water leaves the deaerator at 225 that maybe 100 F cooler than the boiling temperature in the boiler so that heat can readily absorb the feed water. The hot flue gas (lies between 400 to 600 F) can heat the feed water when the deaerator is at 255 F. This process is often known as a dry economizer due to the permeability of combustion products. As per its applications and used fuel, these units decline the exhaust temperature from 275F to 350F.

Condensing economizer: In a Condensing Economiser, the temperature of flue gas temperature decline below its dew point so that moisture turns to condense and retrieves the energy content of water vapor as opposed to that of liquid water of the same temperature (latent heat) as well a massive amount of sensible heat than can be recovered by a simple Economiser.

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