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The Complete Selection Guide for Water Flow Switches

Flow switches are tremendously boosted in a few couples of years. These devices are used in various industries to effectively monitor the flow rate of liquids and gases. The water flow switches are also called flow sensors and monitor flow rate for a given period. A flow switch, like other switches, is a device that allows an electric current to flow in and out of a circuit. the flow switch is critical in an industrial system for monitoring and controlling the flow rate of process media such as steam, liquids, gases and other more liquid industrial uses. A flow sensor can read the flow rate of the liquids passing through the duct or system. This can display the monitored flow rate value through the display meter. These devices can also trigger an action to start and stop the pumps for controlling the excess flow of liquids.

What is the working of a flow sensor or switch?

To understand the working principle of a flow switch, it is extremely important to understand its core elements. There are several types of these devices floating in the market. Some of the primary devices contain rotators and magnetic fields to compute the flow rate of water. The devices that contain rotators work to measure the flow rate using fluid speed. It sends the signal to the transducer, a secondary component of the device. The transducer then receives the signal from the rotators and passes it to the transmitter. The magnetic field generates a voltage as the fluid passes through the sensor. It generates the voltage as per the flowing speed of the liquid and sends the signal to the digital transmitter in reading format.

How to make the right selection for the water flow sensor?

Selecting the flow sensor is primarily influenced by the budget and price for many people. Individuals also tend to choose the common water flow switches in use and are popular. Nevertheless, price is a realistic consideration while choosing the right sensor. But, factors like endurance, maintenance, and working are more important to consider. Many flow meters are designed to use in specific industries. So, choosing the most suitable device requires some parameters to consider, listed below.

Intention for the use

Well, it is good to conclude the intention to use the flow sensor. You must determine whether you want the device for one-time flow rate measurement or require continuous monitoring. The flow switches are available to work enduringly to monitor the flow and act to stop the excess water flow. So, this consideration can help you drastically to make an informed decision.

Media type

Every flow switch is designed with individuality and can measure different media. So, the selection is important to consider based on the media type. In the realm of flow sensors, one solution that fits all is not working. Therefore, you must find a solution that is suitable to work for the media you want to measure. For example, in the case of water flow indicators, you must check whether the fluid is corrosive, slurry, or toxic. You can find a meter with special features for each media to keep the measurement correct. So, it is a prominent factor to consider for the right selection of switches.

Operating parameter

Accurate flow measurement requires you to determine the range of temperature. It is also essential to look at the minimum and maximum pressure to acquire accurate flow measuring outcomes. Likewise, you also need to consider whether the flow is consistent or variable. It is also crucial to address whether there is an issue of slug flow, in-line air, pulsation, etc.

Type of output

Type of output also requires a convincing factor to consider while choosing the best device. Water flow switches provide flow rate measurement in digital and analog format. So, you must look at the output you need to get the best results. These switches also work with the flow rate output measured in mass and volumetric units. Therefore, choosing how to receive output is important and needs to be carefully decided.


How could you forget about the level of accuracy while choosing the best device for flow rate measuring? However, the accuracy could depend on the measurement purpose, but it is an important factor. You must look for the device according to the accuracy level you need to excel. If you need high-level accuracy, you must choose the switch to fulfill the requirement. And if you want to measure the chemicals, it is vital to have high-level accuracy. If you own a drinking water unit, you also need to ensure the accuracy of water purity. You must monitor these meters daily. It will let you ensure that you have selected the right switch to control the excess flow of water.

Site for installation

Location and installation are very important for ensuring that water flow switches work properly, accurately and greatly. You should install the switch correctly to let it work when the water flow is in excess. The switch would not work if you forcefully installed it where it is not suitable to work. The outcome could vary when you have not installed the switch to work correctly. It is vital to know that a flow sensor installation is on the direct flow line without disturbance inflow.

Maintenance cost

You should also consider the maintenance cost of the flow switch. It is vital to ask the supplier how often you want to get service and its frequency to maintain it. Some switches have moving parts to be replacing every year that could boost the cost.

The Bottom Line

Water flow switches have exceptional benefits for monitoring and controlling water flow rates. You need to follow these useful tips to select the best device. It is not suitable to use an inappropriate switch for the liquids flowing inside the pipes. So, the selection must be unique and correct to avoid any glitches. It is advised to consult with an expert before making a purchase decision.