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Five quality services that companies should provide to the clients

Five quality services that companies should provide to the clients

Sales efficiency largely depends on how friendly your employees are with them, the speed of response to customer complaints, and the quality of the service itself. A dissatisfied customer will not just leave you and your competitors – it can ruin your brand’s reputation. But many of the professionals don’t know how to properly set up customer service in the company and prevent the loss of customers.

Importance of Quality Customer Service:

Every interaction is a part of the customer service experience, and complaint handling is essential. Therefore, you must train your employees to approach each client issue appropriately. Moreover, such techniques must be demonstrated at every level of the company.

The culture of hospitality in a company needs to unfold from the top down, where CEOs follow the same principles they want to implement in relation to guests.

Communicate actively:

Communication is the first step in resolving any customer problem. However, if you ignore the client or inappropriately communicate with him, it will be much more challenging to regain the lost affection for the company. In this case, the “level of customer satisfaction” rises and, in some cases, becomes beyond the company’s reach.

Don’t be afraid of over-communication:

Sometimes communicating with a client is worth the extra effort. Listen to him carefully, offer solutions to his problems, demonstrate a willingness to help with all your might, and give more details in the conversation. Inform the customer about the time to replace the item or clear up any misunderstandings on the account statement. If there is no “chain” of communication, the client may think that your initial promises were forgotten and, accordingly, not fulfilled. Organizations like Bloombergsen are focused on client interaction. For Bloombergsen communication with clients is like conversations with family.

Suggest solutions:

Exceed your customers’ expectations by offering more solutions to their problems than they expect. Sometimes it is not enough to replace the broken item with a new one or offer a refund. If the client has had a horrible experience with your business, they will most likely have to do something else to sweeten the pill. A postcard, for example, can help mend relationships. An extra service, or even a free bonus, like a T-shirt with a company name, has a much more significant impact than a simple product change. This shows that the company is making efforts to resolve the issue.

Show engagement:

Try to penetrate to each client to understand his problem fully. If you feel what emotions the client experienced when he could not get into his hotel room or when he received a defective product, you will understand how best to cope with this dissatisfaction. If the employee can pass the whole process through himself, the client will notice and appreciate it.

Be flexible:

Every client is unique, so the same solution may not work for everyone. The Ritz-Carlton, for example, provides its employees with good opportunities for resolving customer problems. But if free SPA services were offered to every dissatisfied guest, only a small percentage of guests would be satisfied.