Female Home Tutor In Lahore



There are many advantages to having a female home tutor in lahore. Some of the benefits are that they can provide extra guidance and teach your children at a time that is convenient for you.

CIOAL Tutors has a great selection of female tutors for home tuition in Lahore. They are highly qualified and have years of experience teaching students.


Miss Fatima Muneer

Throughout history, women have played an instrumental role in improving the lives of others. Whether they are bringing education to those who have limited resources, limiting polygamy, or pursuing other forms of activism, these women are changing the world around them.

Despite the barriers that women face in the workplace, they still manage to achieve great things. Many of them have become prominent figures in their countries.

In addition to these political figures, many women have influenced the cultural and economic landscape of their countries. For instance, Pakistan is home to a number of actresses who have made their names on the silver screen. Some of these actresses include Ayesha Omar, Sanam Saeed, and Mehwish Hayat.

Miss Iqra

Miss Iqra is a qualified and experienced female tutor who can help students achieve their academic goals.

Her educational background and experience make her a good choice for parents who want their children to achieve top grades.

Her strategy for producing A-grade results includes focusing on hard work and goal-setting. families who value high quality education.

She is an experienced and qualified home tutor for classes 1 to 10 (except bio) and O-levels in Lahore. She can teach math, computer science, English, and physics. Her spoken English rate is 7 out of 10.

Miss Sana Amin

female english tutor in lahore are a great option for students who want to learn a subject from an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. They can help students improve their grades and prepare for exams. Choosing the right tutor can make all the difference between success and failure.

Miss Sana Amin is a highly qualified, competent, and accomplished female tutor in Lahore. She has an extensive educational background and work experience in scientific research. Her core competencies and professional skills include research and analysis, content writing, communication skills, performance assessment, and classroom management.

She is available for home tuition in Wapda town, Airline society, Johar town, and other areas of Lahore.

Miss Tasawar

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable female tutor in Lahore, look no further than Miss Tasawar. She is a highly qualified and experienced home tutor in all subjects, including English language and scientific writing.

With 2 years of tutoring experience, she has the skills to help students achieve their academic goals and become successful in school. She can teach English, math, and science up to the tenth grade level.

As a home tutor, she is available for classes 1 through 12.

Miss Shahreen Shabbir

Miss Shahreen Shabbir is an experienced and highly qualified female home tutor with a strong academic background. She has an MA in English literature and a Master’s degree in Education Her strategy for achieving A grade results involves a focus on the individual and the development of meaningful learning techniques that will help your child succeed in their studies.She has worked with students from junior grades 1 to 10 in Lahore and is available for both online and in-person tutoring sessions. She is an efficient teacher of all subjects, from English to science, and has attended several workshops on English language teaching by Oxford University.

Her strategies for producing A grades include ensuring that students have a complete understanding of each concept.

. She has taught her students in a variety of subject areas, including physics, computer science, and biology.

Using the socio-cognitive theory of learning and worksheets, she provides meaningful education for her students. Her location in Bor Johar Town makes her an ideal choice for parents seeking a high-quality female tutor in Lahore.

Her tutoring services are available in Bahria Town, Bahria Heights, DHA, and surrounding areas of Lahore.

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