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Mistakes Made When Buying Used Furniture In Dubai For Office

Used Furniture in Dubai

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Buying used furniture in Dubai for offices is one of the most difficult decisions any business owner has to make. It is a practice that goes far beyond aesthetics. Several factors come into play when purchasing new or used furniture for the office. Surprisingly, most people make mistakes when buying used office furniture, even after being informed about it. So here are some common mistakes you should avoid:

Buying without planning the office layout

The golden rule is: if you don’t know your needs, you will never be able to make a good decision. The same applies to the purchase of used furniture for office, whether it is new or second-hand. Having a clear plan in your mind allows you to make the most informed decision, as it keeps you on the right track. You need to analyze your requirements and what fits your needs and what doesn’t.

Underestimating employee seating comfort

our employees are the ones who will use the furniture you buy. Some people value appearance over comfort. Comfort turns into productivity. Counterbalanced and adjustable seats, lumbar back supports, and armrests minimize work-related injuries and keep your employees fit and comfortable.

Choosing the wrong office chair fabrics

Used furniture for the office can be given a royal touch with the right fabric. If cleanliness is paramount, the best choice may be wipeable vinyl, which is perfect for areas where stains are more common. If your furniture is going to withstand heavy use, you can opt for bespoke fabrics such as Crypton. The choice of fabrics also depends on where your furniture will be used. For example, leather is still the most popular fabric for executive suites, conference rooms, and guest areas.

Buying something that doesn’t fit the job

One pair of shoes doesn’t fit all feet, and the same goes for new or used office furniture. Not everyone has the same build and body shape and therefore needs a chair that fits. For example, an office chair that fits people weighing up to 200 pounds will cause problems for those weighing more than that. I agree that it is not possible to buy specific furniture for each employee, but you can buy chairs of different sizes.

Choose price over quality

There’s nothing wrong with saving a few bucks when buying, but compromising with quality can lead to a major financial disaster in the long run. Used furniture is something you will use every day, and you should keep in mind that buying a poor quality product can result in poor performance. If a better quality item is available by spending a few extra dollars, you should always opt for that item.

Ignore the future

Right now, your employees may only have a computer on their desk, but they will have other accessories in the future. If you only think about the present and buy a smaller desk that can only accommodate a computer, you may have to buy another desk very soon for printers, PDAs and other related accessories.
Keep future expansion in mind; this will save you a good amount of money.

Do not coordinate with your financial restrictions

If your finance department depreciates major furniture purchases in the next ten years, while you buy items with a five-year warranty, you may have to replace them sooner than your budget allows. Buying quality work now will cost you a few extra dollars, but it will keep you financially sound longer.

Don’t calculate the extra costs

“On paper, prices are higher than they appear”. Many people rely on the base price of new furniture for office when they walk into a shop and end up screaming when they have paid more than they expected. Remember one thing: ownership costs are always higher than the base price, as they include additional costs, taxes, packaging, and delivery. Set a clear budget for your purchase, but remain flexible, as you may end up buying inferior products after you realize that the expenses exceed your budget.

Do not keep records at the dealership

This can save time and money. When you buy something from a dealer, ask them to keep a record of your purchase so that you can make your next purchase with comfort and ease. This will not only save you valuable time but also a few dollars, as your dealer will instantly recognize you and give you a one-time treatment.

Do not ask for assistance after purchase

Everything in the world needs maintenance, the same goes for used furniture for the office. Whether it’s used or new office furniture, you need post-purchase support to ensure a long life for it. If you have a warranty on your purchase, this is particularly important. Post-purchase support allows you to solve problems without any problems.


Nothing would infuriate your employees more than a fight for a seat. Just because you’re buying expensive chairs doesn’t mean you should cut corners by buying fewer of them. Every employee should have their chair so they don’t waste time searching the office for a spare chair or workstation.


Lack of warranty or guarantee can be the first red flag you overlook when buying used furniture in Dubai for the office, and it is also one of the most common mistakes made when purchasing used furniture for the office.

Choosing things that come with warranties is nothing but common sense. If the items don’t meet your expectations, you should return them and get a quick refund.

It would help if you also learn all about the after-sales service that the company handling the furniture transaction intends to provide.

Furniture that does not match

Although the colors may have the same name from different manufacturers, the colors may not be the same. When buying used furniture in Dubai, source additional components from the same manufacturer to avoid mismatches and mistakes.

If you wish to order from different manufacturers, examine the products in the store before making a purchase. You will be able to compare colors to see if they complement or match each other.

Think in the short term

Anyone starting a business aspires to see it grow in the future and will do everything in their power to achieve this.

Think about the long-term implications of your decisions when choosing used furniture in Dubai for your new office.

You should approach your business as if it is going to double in size every six months. With this in mind, you should choose furniture that can accommodate this growth without straining your budget.


Adding too much furniture or unwanted accessories to your workspace can only make it more stressful. According to numerous studies, minimalism in the workplace is the best method for increasing efficiency and production. A clean workplace promotes clearer thinking and, as a result, a more positive work environment.

Customer feedback

When buying used furniture in Dubai for an office, ignoring customer feedback simply because the slogan captivates you is a major mistake. Customer reviews reveal a brand’s secret history, and you should always read reviews of any product and customer service before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great idea to replace worn-out furniture. Established companies are known to do this and ensure that their employees are well looked after and that employees perform better because of the satisfaction they receive in the workplace.

This approach can motivate employees towards their approach to their work. A key point to note is that if you plan to buy used furniture for the office, you should look for ergonomic equipment such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs.